Beverley armed forces day

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by donmac, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Heads up!
    Beverley Armed Forces Day will take place on 01 July 2012. Previous events have been a resounding success with excellent support so if you're in the area, get your arrses in for an enjoyable day.
    Fingers crossed for good weather.
    I'll be there in my Scots Guards baseball cap so feel free to buy me a pint :wave:

    Event details
  2. **** all people turned up to ours the other weekend..... The civvies would rather read up on celeb gossip..
  3. As I said, the 3 previous event here have been very well attended possibly due to having DST on our doorstep raising awareness. Weather could be a factor affecting attendance.
  4. If the signs you made to advertise were as poorly written as this post, then they probably didn't understand where/when/how.
  5. ...and the dirty scutters from the city of 'Ull coming to bag a squaddie as they do most nights :)
  6. DST have chinned the event off as they are to busy! When AF Day was introduced a few years ago it was viewed with sceptism by Regulars in general as being just another duty and it is. TA turnout, get paid for an easy training day and soak up Joe Publics love and enjoy themselves. Good luck to them. It may be of interest that the significant military presence in Beverley is too busy to attend however the TA, predominantly based in Hull, appear to be turning out. Mind you rumour in DST is even the TA band have chinned it off. So may be the TA are threaders with it also!
  7. I just hope the day is a success in raising dosh for Service Charities and for the sake of the organising committee who put in a helluva lot of time and effort in setting it up.
  8. Would love to be there but will be in Dundee with the 1st Bn Scots Guards, Colours uncased and bayonets fixed, along with some other members from the branches of the SGA
  9. You live up there?
  10. Could be up there later for reunion Sig Pln, 1 SG Malaya at SG Club.
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  11. It's a shame the Museum of Army Transport went tits up in Beverley, I used to enjoy visiting it.
  12. Agreed. I had a hand in setting it up when it moved from (then) ASMT to it's last location in Flemingate so I was sorry to see it go.
  13. Why is it on Armed Forces Day the Armed Forces are working? Shouldn't 1 UK Civ Div be putting on shows for us....Just a thought.