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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by PenguinsRock, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Aloha Chappies!

    Just a quick question about RMAS if that's ok? When one's fortunate enough to be breakfasting in the refectory, will there be semi-skimmed milk available to drink? Does the British Army attach stigma to such an expression of appreciative gustation?

    Also, looking ahead at longer exercises (druids ridge maybe?), would the DS supply a good pint each day as opposed to water if requested?

    Finally, looking very much to the future - exactly how do the lads keep the milk nicely chilled in a FOB in Afghan?

    I'd appreciate any help on the topic available! My recruiting colonel has unfortunately declined to answer any such questions..

    Most kind and sincere regards.
  2. You have got to be fcuking joking!!!!
  3. When you get to RMAS your Company will have a CSM (usually from the Foot Guards) - On the first day once the parents and guests have left the Academy Grounds, you will get a chance to talk to the CSM, I suggest you write down your preferences for him (after all he does have a lot to remember) and simply say "Oi! My good man, would you mind terribly taking this note to the chef chappie, there a good fellow, now cut along"

    He will be only too happy to oblidge
  4. /Bite mode on/

    Appreciating that this is in a serious forum, I still have to hypothesise that you are either:

    a) On a windup (a shit one at that) and therefore a cock,
    b) Being serious, in which case even more of a cock, and will never make it through Sandhurst

    /Bite mode off/

    You're still a cock.
  5. Yes but we havent yet determined the size of the said cock...

    Ignorantly ******* Huge or Limply Pathetic
  6. Mildly content on a warm summers day, slightly miffed during those winter nights.

    I thank you for your informative post - it's good to know I'll be taken care of! I'm just a bit concerned that it would seem presumptuous to use my brand new officer cadet rank to order around a sarge? Would waiting the first 4 weeks before addressing my concerns be more suitable? I could always bring a short-term supply of a couple gallons to my room for that dreadful purgatory..
  7. Well, you're going to be disappointed when you're churned out of the Factory... going to be a lonely FOB, unless you already have pals in the ANSF.
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I'm sure the DS could collectively provide a pint a day; though it may not be semi-skinned, which is a bit of a girl's blouse beverage.
  9. Me, me, me!! I want to do it first.

  10. I see people on ARRSE still struggle with the difference between a wah and a wind up.
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  11. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What's the difference?
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  12. There's plenty of open land around Sandhurst, why don't you bring a cow. After all, others bring horses.

    When you address the CSM it can get confusing in a room full of othe SNCOs, but you'll notice he is the only one with a stick.

    The correct method, when you have an admin point for the CSM, is to address him as sarge (at which point everyone will turn round), yes you with the shagging stick(so the CSM knows you require his undivided attention).

    Now this may seem a bit odd or rude, but remember he is subordinate to you and no matter what colour puce he becomes, it's just tough. You're not doing it to mug him off, you are doing it to show command and leadership, which they will expect of you from day one. You don't have to use the word shagging, but it will show you have a sense of humour and yet remain professional.

    The CSM will test you on every occasion and will try every trick to make you subservient to him, don't fall for it and deal with him as already prescribed. He's not being a twat, it's just his job and if you can't get a grip of him, they'll never let you progress to the sterner test of gripping the RSM.

    Just remember you're the boss and if you let them get away with the simple task of providing you with a few pints then your command appointments will be a bag of shite and you'll never get promoted.

    Remember, you're the boss.

    Good luck.
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  13. I am just visualising that picture...............

    My CSM (Alamein Co) short arsed little shouty thing.......

    Next days headline in the Daily Wail

    Sandhurst Cadet, the first Briton on the moon...........
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  14. There are 3 types of turd.
    Custurd, musturd and you, you big shit.

    Not even a slightly amusing post to put in a serious thread.
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