Betty Windsors Speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Resurgam, Dec 25, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have a link to Her Majesty's Christmas Message to both Us and the nation. Sadly we were busy preparing for the Christmas Fest when she was on and I foolishly forgot to set the alarm.
  2. It can be downloaded in pod cast form from the "royal" website. Don't know why you would want it though?
  3. Because I am interested in what Her Majesty has to say. She is my Captain General and I consider myself to be a loyal Subject. Might I suggest if you do not feel the same then you stay in the colonies and do not return. If of course you are actually a citizen of a colony then you should just stay at home. She is my Queen and I am interested in what she has to say.


    Oh and by the way - Happy Christmas or don't you do that either.
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

  5. I wonder if BFBS will be arranging a podcast of HMQ's speech to the forces? I would be interested to hear it.
  6. Thank you very much and Happy Christmas
  7. The Queen's Christmas message to the Armed Forces, 25 December 2006

    I am delighted to have this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, wherever you are serving. I know it has been an extremely busy year, on operations, overseas and here at home.

    In Iraq and Afghanistan you continue to make an enormous contribution in helping to rebuild those countries and in other operational theatres you undertake essential duties with a professionalism which is so highly regarded the world over. Members of my own family have had the opportunity this year to visit you on operations and see at first hand the scope of your work. They have been hugely impressed by the spirit in which you go about your business under the most difficult and dangerous circumstances.

    Your courage and loyalty are not lightly taken. It is a pledge which calls for sacrifice and devotion to duty. And I know that yours is a job which often calls for great personal risk. This year men and women from across the Armed Forces have lost their lives in action in both Iraq and Afghanistan. My thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends especially at this Christmas season. For those Servicemen and women who have been injured in the course of their service, I wish each and every one of you a speedy recovery. For those of your families spending this Christmas without you, I want to express my appreciation for the understanding they show and the sacrifices they make on our behalf.

    Our country asks a lot of you and your families. I have much appreciated the opportunities I have had to meet so many of you during my various visits over these past twelve months and I always draw strength from your dedication, resolve and good humour. On a personal note I would like to thank you for helping me to celebrate my 80th birthday. Throughout my life my relationship with the Armed Forces has been marked by my admiration and deep respect for everything you strive to achieve on behalf of all of us. My father, King George VI, said that 'the highest of distinctions is service to others.' There is no higher goal. Your service to our country is - I believe - an outstanding example of that ideal. I am grateful to you all. However that is why I now must ask for you to do one more thing for me this year.

    At midnight tonight, the first actions of operation Restore will begin, with multiple airstrikes on government and civil service targets across the country - over the next 24 hours a series of arrests and summary trials will take place for high treason, beginning with our current prime minister and cabinet ministers whom the SAS are siezing at this very moment. I am suspending parliament with immediate effect and taking back the reigns of this great country. Good luck lads, and god bless.

    I wish you, and your families, a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

    Wagons Roll!

  8. Surely a breach of OpSec there, mate. Be a bit more careful next time.

    Remember: Loose tongues cost precious shinning time.
  9. :D :D :D , fcuk me, what have you been drinking today!
  10. Why do I get all emotional every time I see Her Majesty these days...?
  11. FOOKIN HELL i wish can I volunteer to be on the execution party for the bliar family.......... :D
  12. I had the whole family stood ready, in best kit, 15 mins prior to HM coming on screen. The at ease wasn't given until well in to the opening credits of "The Green Green Grass" that began straight after.

    The dog was beaten and is on, for the coming year, jankers for yawning prior to the at ease.
  13. Nice one........... :lol: :lol:
  14. Too late old boy....I asked first back in October-and the Indo agreed with me! :D

    (I am willing to do requests though....)
  15. I am glad to report that the podcast of the Queens speach has broken ALL UK records for downloads.

    And is now TOP of the podcast charts.

    All ARRSERs should monitor UK media for any disrespectful comments by so called DJ's, presenters etc. and take the appropiate action.