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  1. Some of the things we enjoyed in our day were better than todays offerings

    RIP Betty

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  2. The original. Cheerio Betty.
  3. Nice figure, not sure about the boat race though.
  4. You should be so lucky to pull and poke such a woman you fussy fecker...!
  5. I wouldn't say no but I'd rather do Kelly Brook.

  6. [​IMG]

    Yeah she's a right moose :roll:
  7. And we all know the difference between a pig and a para is the pig wouldn't spend all night fcuking a para... 8)
  8. But an Air Despatcher would take her to heaven and back :wink:
  9. Touchet! :lol:
  10. OMFG... just realised i made a cock of posting a pic ............. Luddite.