Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. As well as imbibing regularly I also like to pursue a small interest in each and all of the above topics particularly on association football and horse racing.

    Is there a thread on here where like-minded people can pass on their tips,knowledge, wins and indeed sob stories reference this etc?
  2. Hello RI, I too like a wager on the cuddies on a saterday,a tipping thread would be a good idea.

  3. Me too, not a bad idea. My main punting takes place during the Jumps season proper, but nowadays I don't bother with small prize money races, they don't attract the triers so much and get used for practice, even though that's against the rules.
  4. Excellent, thats three of us at least with hopefully more to come.

    I suggest we keep it to this thread, the title is just the job, and see where we go from here.

    All the very, very best!!
  5. Markintime? you like a good bet on the geegees.
  6. And they're off!

    I'm in.

    My local will take a bet at the bar, and pay out the winner straight after the race! No pauses during the Sunday afternoon Guinness sesh, and saves walking 40 yards to the bookies. The wonders of a laptop, a PaddyPower account and a good publican.

    Like Monty I prefer the jumps season, but shy away from the big meetings. Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood etc as it is a bit of a lottery. The big named horses and jockeys look soooo tempting with a 10/1 favourite price tag, and it's Mrs Arte who always comes off best at these meetings, with a €2 each way on a 33/1 winner.

    I am seriously considering buying a racing nag ready for next years Irish National Hunt stuff. There are 3 race horse owners in my village who are all good lads and they will help me out, so If I do, I will have a bit of an "in" so perhaps I will pick up some good advice of which I will certanly pass on here.

    Good Luck all.
  7. Tip/Fancied horses, to be given before 12 o'clock on a Saturday on this thread???????????. There must be some young Cav officers on here that are in the know???.

  8. What about a syndicate of Arrsers buying a horse? or shares in one?

    We could call it...... Come on Arrse Hole or Naafi Bar.
  9. Funny you should mention that mate...

    This is audio only and NSFW with any sort of volume.

  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you are serious about that I've got a couple of friends who run syndicates.

    If you wanted to go the whole hog and buy a horse (rather than leasing one for a few races a year) you are looking at a rough cost of £30kpa for a managed syndicate before the cost of the animal. Given a syndicate size of 50 you would be looking at £600 odd pa per head and an initial input of £800-1000 for a 2yo that has the potential to go somewhere in medium priced races (Flat of course).

    Kick the idea about and let me know what you think.

    There are cheaper options of course, and leasing for, say, 5 or six meets a year would be one of them.
  11. Nice one AeM.

  12. Sounds feasible. I've had a few similar offers, but the prospect of an Arrser syndicate is quite attractive.
  13. I have heard it before, but I still pmsl.
  14. I am pleased that this thread popped up because ARRSE HQ is currently talking with Sandown about taking a room with an ARRSE catered package for their Christmas Tingle on the 4th Dec. I am waiting for them to come back to me with some price options and then I'll know the kind of numbers we need to generate. It'll be a family day out and the aim is that the kids go free. Let me know if this is something that interests you.
  15. TBH only at the track but I'll no doubt keep up with this thread. I may even have the odd sixpence each way, who knows.