Better weather in the UK- 7/8 Aug 09??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. After the deluge suffered by the UK over the last 2 weeks, things appear to be looking up for the weekend:

    Pressure chart

    A small ridge of high pressure is moving in; it won't be perfect but it will be a lot better weather than we have had!

    Dust off your plans, get out there and enjoy it!

  2. Thanks Sian. Looks like I'll break out the BBQ.
  3. You had to go and say the "B" word.... great...
  4. Dosen't matter for me I'm suck in bloody Sennybride all weekend :(

    Nothing but rain rain rain I bloody bet.

    Edited cos I'm a mong who can't spell :oops:
  5. We had a shite summer in 2007, an even shitter one in 2008 and this one is pretty shite too…

    So what happened in 2007?


    This cvnt took charge. :evil:
  6. What deluge,you obviously live west of Kent,and East Sussex. :wink:

    It's been brilliant over this side,bit of a shower now and then,but no hosepipe ban,yet! :lol:
  7. Its winter here and wall to wall sunshine though we may get a spot of rain on tuesday.


  8. That'll help extinguish the bushfire then? :D

  9. Oi! I'll have you know that:

    1. I'm prettier than Sian!
    2. My boobs are bigger than hers.
    3. I've never shagged Lembit Opik (at least, I don't think I have)!
    4. My English is better than hers!

  10. Right, that's it. I'll get the brolly out!
  11. I heard a woman phoned up and said a hurricane was approaching
  12. It's OK, it was only the missus breaking wind!
  13. And most important,you're not Welsh,I hope?
  14. I'm not, Boyo!

  15. I'll give you the boobs bit,
    but C'mon sweetcheeks, you'll have to prove it. The ol' weather girl can scrub up.