Better toilets at Bisley?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Henry_Tombs, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. It would appear that the Olympic Committee did not give Bisley the correct appraisal it desrved.

    Notice on NRA site

    I would rather they held it elswhere as it's only going to fcuk up the LERA and HBSA Mid and Long Range for 2012; mind you there is a plus point, all those caravans sent for scrap! :)
  2. We could have had better toilets at Bisley if they hadn't spunked £100,000 up the wall on this NATTS bollox.
  3. The Ladies on Century has had an OoO notice on it for two years to my knowledge. Has no one complained? :eek:
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Bisley is a toilet or at least appears to be due to the large amount of unflushed floaters occupying the buildings marked NRA.
  5. Interesting article setting out the winners and loser in the Olympic Legacy stakes.

    Yes Shooting sports get cr@pped on but seems we are in good company:

    Sports with No Legacy:

    ARCHERY £3m
    BADMINTON £16m
    BASKETBALL £61m (yes, really)
    FOOTBALL £1.3m
    MODERN PENTATHON £Nil as a venue share
    SHOOTING £20m (or maybe £42m)
    TENNIS £1m
    VOLLEYBALL £5.5m


    Net cost for all this nothingness (per the 2004 bid numbers so going to be way low) £158.8m, so £200m+
  6. Can you imagine what national range facilities could be built at sites across the UK for £42,000,000 pounds?
  7. The latest Rifleman reckons the NRA have tried to derail the whole NATSS project by refusing to amalgamate, costing everybody £££ because the entire point of NATSS (and the destination for 99% of its funding) was solely to get the NRA, NSRA and CPSA to join together!

    I wonder if it's going to take the outright rejection of Bisley as the Olympic venue to start a clean sweep of the dinosaurs in the NRA?
  8. Well I'm an NRA member, not a dinosaur and I didn't want to see the amalgamation. I think NSRA could be dissolved and brought into the NRA but CPSA is a completely different beast, there's just no reason to amalgamate them.

    You don't see the British Lawn Tennis Association trying to merge with the Squash League (or whatever) just because they both use racquets.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator


    but why should the NSRA amalgamate with the NRA, surely the accomadating idea would be an even share of everything but then again who really wants the Palma coach writing the training plan for 10 metre air rifle?
    To be honest the dinosaurs are the organisations rather than the members, despite the spin about "its your NRA" getting members to sit on committees and dare it even vote, those tw@ts lost us SLR's, pistols and soon even shooting will go the same way as there will be no justification. In 1988 the nRA lost its right to charitable status, no fecker told them or the charity commission, it wont take long for the penny to drop though will it? Mind you its on par with several public schools on that score, promoting selective elitism and using the ordinary shooter to fund this. What grated was the support our GB team begging letters. Cnuts what do you think we do by turning up and shooting?
    That said why should classic rifle and section 7 pistol support the GB rifle team?
  10. Strength in numbers - how many more people play tennis compared to the total of shooters in the country? How much legislation is aimed solely at tennis? Do the government and police have special departments set aside for regulation and control of tennis rackets and balls?

    For what it's worth, I think amalgamation is the only way ahead. Shooting as a sport needs a single voice at the top, similar to the MCC for cricket and the LTA for tennis. How else can we resist more attempts at banning "guns" of all descriptions - look at the SNP's plans to ban airguns in Scotland! If we had a nationwide association with the clout to speak up against stupid things like that (dare I say it, like the American NRA...), we may be able to avoid something like the 97 Act happening in the future.
  11. All shooters are under one organisation in NL, the KNSA, and I can't say I'm entirely chuffed with their monopoly position... Many disciplines, however, are simply recognised by the KNSA and run autonomously by their respective orgs (IPSC, Silhouettes, etc) and yet more are not even recognised but still go on (Western stuff, for instance). All shooters MUST be KNSA members, but only CLUBS have a vote at KNSA level... grrrr
  12. You make my point for me, MCC for Cricket, not MCC for Cricket, rounders, baseball, golf and anything else where you hit a ball with a stick.

    Having a small body called say, "British Shooting" ;) with representatives from all the disciplines and organisations is a great idea but it doesn't need a merger of three of the main bodies.

    Don't forget that CPSA doesn't even cover Scotland or Northern Ireland. What about the Muzzle loaders Association of Great Britain, British Skeet Shooting Association, Lee-Enfield Rifle Association, HBSA, British Airgun Shooters' Association, British Western Shooting Society and teh Elephant in teh Drawing room, BASC?

    Should they all be forced to merge?

    They should all support a central office for political matters but the "sports" don't need merging.
  13. I concur with my learned friend; can we get back to the toilets now? They got a mention in the 2009 AGM minutes. :)

    NRA AGM 2009 Minutes
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Even at the CENTSAM shoot at Century, one had to find the least p1ssy corner to add some more to the general stink and malaise.

    I didn't think for one moment that an institution or place with the pedigree of Bisley would have turn-of-the-previous-century black-painted brick out-houses for toilets, many of which of in a (scuse pun) sh!te state.

    I presume the Bisley bid for the Olympic shooting venue included a large amoutn of expenditure to fixing the place up?

    Edited to add: Ok, here we go:

  15. The toilets are in particularly poor state but it is the buildings/huts they are in. All they need to do is revamp them like plaster the walls and cover up the holes at least. Plus just a bit of minimum maintanence and clearance of spiders ;) and they should be fine???

    Also the male/female signs coiuldbe a litlle more obvious, I came out of the one at century range and a male walked straight in, think he may have been a litlle slow though :mad: