Better to run in tracksuit or shorts and tee ??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SneakyTeen, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I passed pre-selection today, the thing is i only got 10:47 on my 1.5 run wearing shorts and 1 tee shirt, this is quite dissapointing to me as its not around my usual 9:00 mark, however i feel this may have been because i was not wearing much therefore was cold. Anyway just earlier i done a 3 mile run in three T-shirts and a tracksuit and finished in 23 minutes.

    So in your experience is it better to wear shorts and tee or wrap up warm ??
  2. wear a hat
  3. I don't think it really matters what you wear when you run. In ta 1b training we always wore the issue pt shorts, the issue green/brown t shirt, issue wooly black socks and issue silver shadow trainers. I quess the regulars will be wearing the same throughout basic so run in t shirt and shorts?
  4. wooly or is any better than none ??
  5. thanks for the help, was your training in the middles of winter though ?? :?
  6. i run in shorts and a t shirt and atm as its not as warm as it was i am wearing a jumper and haven't really noticed a different in my times but when i was at ADSC i done my 1.5 a min slower then when i was training at home but i don't the PT session they killed up on the evening before helped lol but not to worried cos i passed and am fitter then what i was a selection lol
  7. When your at ADSC you will wear t-shirt and shorts no other choice so get used to it ! .
  8. yes, I just had the last weekend this weekend and will be doing the 2 week camp part in January.
  9. Man up.

    It shouldn't make a difference what you're wearing. If it's a PFT you're doing, there should be a warm-up run beforehand anyway.

    If you're not sweating buckets at the end, regardless of the temperature, you're not trying hard enough!
  10. good idea if like being shouted at by the corprals and called a ******* pussy .
  11. Jesus lad. I'd be more worried about things like map reading, bcd, saa and anything else needing intelligence reading that comment. Sorry,but christ!
  12. SHHHHHHH :oops:
  13. You should be b0ll0ck naked with your meat and two veg taped to your leg... That's what the PTIs used to tell us anyway.
  14. Do it drunk, then you won't feel the cold, or the pain..