Better to keep your trap shut!

The female half of a long-together couple one day told him that she wished he'd stop calling her disparaging names whenever they had sex, usually at the point when he was about to climax. He was surprised to hear this as he had no recollection of ever doing it. "Yes", she said, "You've called me 'bitch', 'slut', you even once called me a 'cunt'". He was dumbfounded at hearing this but decided to retaliate "But you yourself are always saying things like "Fuck me, Big Boy!" Now it was her turn to be surprised as she didn't remember saying any such thing. Then she knew what to say. "Well, if I do say that, at least I'm flattering you, while what you say to me is always insulting." He thought about that for a minute, still doubting her claim of him calling her names. "Okay" he said "Why don't you suck me right now with my balls in your hand, and if you hear anything I say that's an insult to you, you squeeze my balls hard to bring it to my attention." At first she was reluctant as the mood for sex had been dissipated by this confrontation, but just to move things along she thought it better to agree. So in their bed she sat back against the head-rest while he, naked, kneeled straddling across her, while she held his balls in one hand. She started sucking, sucking, sucking - he moaned as his cock stiffened. Then as he finally felt himself approaching the edge he said "Yeah, suck me good, you fuckin' bitch. (She squeezed, but no reaction.) "Take me, you filthy slut!" (A harder squeeze - but still no reaction.) Then just as he was about to shoot - "Yeah, swallow it ALL, you fuckin' cunt!" As her squeezing was making no difference, she, exasperated, with her free hand grabbed hold of a hairbrush from the dresser. She flipped it round and rammed the handle right up his arse - all the way up to the bristles. An ecstatic beam of pleasure appeared on his face - then "YEAH, FUCK ME, BIG BOY!"
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