Better than the SLR

We all know the SLR was the dogs danglies, could shoot down a deathstar just by being cocked, let alone unleashing the big boys 7.62 love slug.

So got me thinking what else was better than today's kit. This has probably been done before but **** it, I 'm a computer biff and cant find the thread. I nominate the Itchy shirt. Once that thing had been relentlessly washed, ironed and washed and ironed again it was comfy as ****, you could iron it with a bit of starch and wear it all day and it wouldn't get creased, unlike that pile of crap that replaced it. Iron that crap, put it on, move or God forbid sit down and lean on something and it was creased to **** for the rest of the day.
I loved those green plastic belts. Not.

The belt and those horrible green plastic barrack dress trousers.

Deleted 20555

Boots - wtf is going on with boots these days? Spotted in eleven ******* colours and you can't even polish them - where is the fun in that? Also I bet these new feckers aren't going to last 10 years with the starting to get comfortable phase after about a year of daily use.


Nylon Tank Suits, you were pretty much guaranteed to crap in the hood on your first shovel recce.
Green Covies were the mutts, especially when pressed for stable parade. Now that was smart.
White buff belts (not!). Them 'uns you had to clean with white gutty paste and as soon as you put them on it all flaked off.

But they still looked better than the placcy ones.

Here you are chaps; khaki furry shirts, Dems Ma Shoes, puttees, and 2 tone denims with weights in.



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This thread seems to be getting itself confused between best bit of kit and worst bit of kit.

Best : Jersey Heavy Wool - what luxury to have a feeling of warmth after wearing the V-neck 'couldn't get it any thinner' jersey complete with slits for epaulettes to be fitted through.

Worst: toss up between Drawers Cellular, those woollen swimming trunks and PT shorts. I think that Drawers Dracula gets the prize!!
For the Light Blue Maafia the ultimate nightmare in the 70s was the serge No2 uniform, not quite impossible to get a decent crease in the trousers, but it did't stay long and íf the uniform got wet it became instantly shapeless and soaked up water like a sponge.
The introduction of the wooly pully was a Godsend.
I still have my green placcy bayonet frog........Phoooaaarrr I hear you all say!

When I saw the title I was actually expecting to see one of these:

Whatever happened to those lovely ergonomic steel helmets, the ones with the comfortable steel spike on the inside? We may laugh at the Germans, but they put the spike on the outside of their helmets!

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