Better than Thailand?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Over the weekend I was demonstrating one of the symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure. Now three years ago I caught a nasty virus out of a tank of air and ended up in ICU/Cardiac IC. So looking at this symptom i was not slow to react. After all I had had a virus the last time and was suffering with one a week ago - plus I've been travelling a fair bit and usually without the sexy surgical stockings on!

    So I tooled into the local surgery last night and a lovely GP took a good look, hummed and hawed then decided to pass the buck up to the local hospital. however when i awoke this morning the symptom had gone. Cunning bastards symptoms! So I headed into hospital and spent the whole day undergoing blood tests, X-rays, investigations, tests and possibly the worst cup of coffee ever.

    Upside - I am A1 fit - apart from the myocardiopathy which occurred last time. No change though. Probably a bit post viral, plus some trauma to my ankle (see CRAFT/UDI) and sinusitis. All of which caused me to react appropriately if erroneously. Now if that good news was not enough...

    During the long day's testing, there was a lot of down time. Thankfully they released me from the backless gown humiliation therapy early doors. however they decided to fill my time between examinations by using me as a mobile training aid for five or six Asian nurselets who were doing some kind of practice on the unit.

    I underwent palpation, osculation and god knows what else from these women. By the way palpation and osculation are not seriously kinky practices! Finally a four foot six woman of Sri Lankan antecedents was deployed to carry out a full range of respiratory investigations on Cuddles. She ought to have been issued crampons and a cherry-picker but she performed her duties by the expedient of climbing all over me and clinging on like a limpet. Small round and soft...smelled heavenly too

    There are tonight in Thailand men who have had fewer pairs of female hands all over them. And it only cost me six quid for the parking. Truly there is a God, I don't care what Western thinks...
  2. Did you get wanked off or were you not with BUPA?
  3. During a lengthy stay in an NHS hospital not a million miles away from Cuddles I awoke one night being cuddled (sorry) by a Filipina nurse who said I was having a nightmare/reaction to the meds and she was trying to "reasure" me. God bless the NHS and all Far Eastern nursing staff.

    Gentlemen, I was reassured.

    (BTW, the Ward Staff Nurse was Polish and was one of the best nurses I have ever had the pleasure to be treated by...)
  4. The Philippines exports nurses ... bless them all.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I tried to read this and pay attention, but all I could see was 'Better than Thailand?' and was thinking that despite the months of protests, violence and sh1t that is still going on there (witnessed first hand by me not 2 months ago), the answer is most certainly NO! Rather there than here.

    At least you got a good seeing to on the health service though.
  6. So Thailand has got a reputation for free and easy tourist sextrade in certain areas, normal for any 3rd world country , but before you start type casting asian nurses as sluts and all expats living in thailand as perverts look a little nearer home, the OMO wives clubs of 60,s70,s and 8o,s garrison towns, sergeants mess wife swapping clubs especially in BFPO29, BMH military nurses stealing from VSIL patients and having sex parties on the officers ward,I only looked at this thread because I thought it was more news of the civil war in LOS :evil:
  7. Cuddles, I can see an opportunity here. Buy a bus and hire them out to the local dances :D
  8. the only philipino nurses I've seen in my many recent forays into hospital have all been bent as feck camp male nurses.

    The only other foreign nurses were right big bossy african bruisers on night shifts.

  9. After falling from some scaffolding and damaging both wrists,I was hospitalised.Being hand fed by a wee Thai nurse was really very erotic.
  10. Well it isn't. Get over it. Oh and did you have to leave your SOH in Uk when you emigrated? Or did a bunch of nurses from Rinteln knick it from you, then make their get-away in a bus bound for an officers' mess sex party?

    Oh and I hope you don't think these charming, tactile and fragrant nurses are perceived as sluts by me. Not in the slightest, i perceive them as a cheap thrill for a dirty old man. Good day to you sir.
  11. Shhhh you'll scupper it! I've already got 47 bookings for tomorrow night, at JR Clubs, Sergeants' and Officers' Messes from Arbroath to St Mawgan...If your PMC tells you a bus of Cuddly Nurses from Bath are coming, hit the bar and go ugly early - it will be your best shot!
  12. If I thought I was having heart failure I think I'd get myself into A & E sharpish, rather than just bimble down to the surgery to have a word with my GP.

    Or are you just displaying an admirable example of sang-froid?
  13. Do Pack it in Nignoy....this is the Naafi, current affairs is at the sound like a bitter & twisted indivdual......not all expats are perverts!! I lived in Pataya for six months & sounds like your missus was invited to said sex parties & you werent 8O
  14. No, just ensuring I was "medically expected" at the hospital. As I remarked, I've been there before! also, at the GPs they have pretty much all the diagnostic kit - stand fast a)echocardiogram and b)cardiologists!

    Oh and good looking nurses...(sorry Susie)
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    End of.

    Seen any tits since the sun has come out, have you?