Better than eggy bread

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Ryder02, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. The recipe is potted eggs - quite possibly the most fantastic tasting breakfast in history

    For each person, I use 2 ramekins.

    10g butter, tub double cream, 2 slices cooked ham, cut into strips, 1 tablespoon chives, finely chopped, (i use spring onions) salt n pepper, 4 eggs, grated cheese.
    Preheat oven 150c.
    Grease ramekins with butter.
    Put 2 tablespoons cream in each ramekin.
    Layer half ham strips n chives over cream.
    Break egg into ramekin.
    Layer rest of ham, chives n then cheese.
    Put ramekins on baking tray go oven 4 about 15mins, till cooked through!!
    I usually serve with 2 slices of well buttered toast per person - then watch my cholesterol numbers to into triple figures!
    However, this is a once in a while treat, very good to serve to a new girlfriend after her first night she spends with you...
    Just a thought!
  2. Thats where you let yourself down. The only thing a real man serves after that special "First night" is some pain killers whilst she waits for her cab. Oh and half the contents of her purse returned so she can pay for the fore mentioned (Or atleast enough to get her away from you).
  3. Egg Banjo on white bread/ roll with Brown Sauce.

    Anything else is Padre food
  4. Brown sauce! Woody would not be impressed with that!

    Oh, and there is nothing better than Eggy Bread. Right Fatlass?
  5. 'cept mebbe a big wodge of Devon Lardy cake! I likes lard i does!!
  6. Just cos Woody was one of the few cooks I met who deserved the title 'Chef' doesn't mean he can skip the virtues of an egg banjo with Brown Sauce.

    Ketchup is for nonces.
  7. Guys, eggy bread is good, potted eggs is good and posh, but the ultimate egg banjo is:- 2 slices of RAOC bread, preferably 4 days old, compo marg layered on said slices, an egg deeply fried in roughly half inch of oil so hot it has a frazzly edge to it, black pepper and tommy sauce to taste, brown will do at a push, but it relly does have to be red, served into a greasy mitt for that oil stained look.
  8. Saintstone, my days of RAOC bread are long behind me, I use what is available - by choice I prefer Scottish well fired morning rolls.

    And tommy sauce is still for nonces. And Padres (not that I am insinuating that padres are nonces).
  9. There's a famous Paris Review interview, in which an interviewer asks the novelist Henry Green about the genesis of his great novel, Loving. Henry replied:

    "I got the idea of Loving from a manservant in the Fire Service during the war. He was serving with me in the ranks, and he told me he had once asked the elderly butler who was over him what the old boy most liked in the world. The reply was: 'Lying in bed on a summer morning, with the window open, listening to the church bells, eating buttered toast with cu nty fingers.'

    Works for me.
  10. I bet you use free range organic eggs too, dontcha ?? :wink:
  11. Nah, I tghink that battery hens add a level of pain and suffering to the eggs that gives their flavour a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.

    Fcuking free range my arrse, I want my eggs guantanamo style.
  12. Its not an egg banjo unless the bread is still frozen. End of discussion on that point :D
  13. frozen? I dont remember ever seeing it fresh enough to warrant being frozen.

    Most of the time it could be used as spare track pads for the cent arrv.
  14. I could not agree more - the Fearnley-Whittingstall influence must be resisted at all costs.

    3 day old bread, compo marg small size Standard Issue Eggs - oil hot enough to soften steel, brown sauce

    There is only one way fellas - anything else is not an Egg Banjo - they become Oeuf Ukeleles and are for puffs if you deviate
  15. I remember when I realised that the 'Old Kate' was changing, when I finished my stag went to the back of the 3 tonner for the traditional Egg Banjo only to be given a pot of Yoghurt.and I'd 'chipped in' for it!