Better than any British Army drill I have seen!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yeah_Innit_Blud, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. We certainly could learn something from the Japs.

    Like how to create women with virtually non existant breasts, dark luxurious pubic growth and vaginas that will easily accomodate a Ford Capri.

    Their unique take on pornography (wanking over cartoons!) combined with casual suicide leaps from the rim of volcanoes makes them the ideal dinner guests. That is until they decide to eat your pet dog, cat, iguana etc.....

    The dirty, slitty eyed *****.
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  2. They could do with getting those arms shoulder high! Idle *****.
  3. Actually, some have mahoosive breasts, and still the small frame mmmmmmmmmm

  4. I accept that observation as much as I accept that one or two people in the TA are not fat. More a case of the exception rather than the rule.
  5. I imagine the fear of eternal shame and ritual execution is a contributing factor in getting it right.
    I counted approximately 40 people in that video.
    There were originally 100, before they started the culling the inept. Hai!
  6. and in the words of Father Jack

    "Hairy Japanese Bastards"
  7. I thought that they were pretty slick.
  8. Good post Blogg. I like the boots and short skirts but any woman, particularly an oriental, with a weapon worries me.