Better out the AGC (SPS), than in?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by The Dude, Jun 9, 2011.

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  2. Thanks for that
  3. And your point is?
  4. If your primary role involved written English, then it's hardly surprising you didn't get far.
  5. I agree with a few of your points, although I do think that stating that a 1/3 are fantstic is a little optimistic. Perhaps you could change it to, a 1/3 try hard but make lots of mistakes and possess the soldiering skills of a pissed mattress. 2/3rds are lazy commonwealth soldiers who joined the AGC (SPS) because it struck them as the easy option.
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  6. Thanks for that thoughtful, insightful and quite frankly, terminally boring account of your pen-pushing career. You tights-wearing homo.
  7. The point I should have made is that ARRSE and Soldier magazine seem to be full of people making points of complaint about how bad their admin/pay is, but dont look at the founding problems of the system, with better training and management ideas many of the issues can be resolved. Retention in the Corps around Cpl level is very poor which adds to the problem, many transfer in but also transfer out. Cloudbuster - I made Sgt before leaving and was happy with that
  8. To answer your thread title, I think you are better out. No charge.
  9. Did you highlight this lack of training issue whilst you were in? Or did you think it was someone elses task?
  10. What 3rd did you fall into then in YOUR opinion, bet it wasn't the same as others perceptions?

    Am I right in thinking that suicide rates in AGC are some of the highest, just a suggestion is all!
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Whilst you make a couple of valid points, it does seeem that your a whinging ****. You knew what it was going to be like so put up or shut up. Thank **** your out of the Corps.

    Now has anyone got any nail varnish as I have laddered my tights?
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  12. Whilst serving in the AGC(SPS) I raised the point that the standard of Clerks being posted to our unit was not very high, the reply I received was that it was the units responsibility to get the Clerks to the required standard. No doubt there will be some out there who seem to think that all Clerks joined the Army as a Clerk but a great deal of them HAD to retrade due to injury. Also in my opinion the vast majority of those who complain about Clerks are those whose own admin is up their own arse, and try putting the blame onto somebody else.
  13. Training may be shite but on the other hand with a little bit of self help you could attend courses and get trained. I used to go on courses over leave periods because courses were undersubcribed. Never had a problem. Did the courses got the promotion moved on. Maybe if The DUDE had done something similar he wouldn't have a chip on his shoulder. Problem nowadays is that a lot of people want something for nothing
  14. Boring cnut. I used to be in the AGC, did my 23 years, the last 2 were shit, the rest I can't remember, I was drunk a lot of the time, now a civvy with a job, not much changes, just less money and a new CO.
  15. Hi Wrinkles, I did do courses in my spare time, I am now an ASSOC member of the CIPD and have nearly completed a BA (Hons) degree in my spare time, there is no chip on my shoulder. However every unit moans about how bad there pay and admin is, and all it would cost to improve the situation is better training. Every unit I joined had no in house training programme and when I made Cpl and Sgt i managed the in-training to improve the situation, the guys had a better understanding of what was expected of them, and there was a dramatic reduction in errors in pay and administration. On civi st the Human Resources team could be disiplined (warned or sacked) for making a major pay cock ups, but this does not happen in the Army as errors are consistent (or at least was a couple of years ago).