Better OUT than IN

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by extankie, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. Anyone here transfered from another corps and finding that it perhaps wasn't the greatest idea of the century. Recently transfered after serving 12 yrs and having 2 tapes to a corps where I kept rank, but get treated like I joined yesterday. No courses it seems, unless I've been in 10 yrs or more, (in my new job that is). So when it comes to collecting my pension I may be senior enough to make the brews if I'm lucky.
  2. The grass is not always greener on the other side.
  3. well, to be honest with you extankie, you did only join their Corps yesterday!! So in reality you are the new boy, new boy = tea boy, mines tea, milk, no sugar.
    Do they love it when you keep saying "when I was in the Tankies" constantly?
  4. Seems it doesn't matter if it were yesterday or or a couple of years. Feelimg/Thoughts seem to be similair throughout transfers. Is it just a way of the army keepimg up numbers, instead of getting out, tell you all the wonders of transfering, then forget about you when your there. Seems AGC are getting quite good at it.
  5. Should have transfered to the Int Corps there are quite a lot of ex tankies who are doing well for themselves!
  6. Well I guess my nickname says it all. I transferred from the infantry to RMP and I have to say that overall it was an excellent move.

    1. My career in my battalion was going to be severely limited. I put in my application to transfer, had an interview with the Bn 2IC and loh and behold my promotion to full screw was on Pt 1 orders that same day!

    2. Enjoyed the work as an MP. Despite all the comments you read on here, there is more to it than just giving innocent soldiers as much of a hard time as possible.

    3. Having jumped ship during "Options for Change", my RMP career (short though it was) has led me into some very interesting work outside. I have also hade to use a few of my infantry skills over the years as well.

    4. So overall it was probably the best move I made while in the Army.
  7. Here was me thinking that the army was activly pushing the idea that you could change trades\arms so as to improve your career prospects.
    I'd give you the link to the 'Please don't leave, you can get better prospects elswhere in the army, honest' web page but the army web site is down.
  8. Back in the distant days of 98, I was on my RAO Fin course. There was a guy who had transferred across from the RLC as a Sgt. He was at Worthless Down for about 6 months doing course after course.

    It obviously isn't like that anymore !!

    Still as mentioned before, you are the new guy. Personally if it was me, I would like a bit of time to adjust to my new Corps, and not be expected to be the font of all knowledge just cause you are a Cpl in the AGC.

    Then I would realise what a bag of arrse it all is and then get out !! :D
  9. With regards to my transfer I have made it clear to my Bosses that I will be signing off this May and asked for a CO's interview.. I was told that no I'm not getting an interview and that if I sign off then forget all career courses etc. I have already been pushed aside where jobs are concerned. Now I thought, Correct me if I'm wrong, that the Army still has to manage your career untill the day you leave. I'm not arssed about doing courses but I am now a year behind retrading to to class1. If it wasnt for pay 2000 I'd be put back down to class2 and loose wads of pay. I have a resettlement interview on Mon with the Resettlement officer, is it worth mentioning that my unit have stopped all courses for me in the light I'm signing off in four months time.
  10. Yes tell them that and also tell them that you are a retread, that you expect and deserve better on transfer. Should work wonders, you have transfered and now you wish to sign off. You can also tell them of your lack of BALLS in your convictions, that may sway them!!! Who said the Army owes you a career???
    Shut the door as you leave!!!
  11. Whats this signing off lark!!!! if you are going to do it, then do it. Do the same as me, nip in to admin, find out the cost of your PVR. Then take the dosh in to the chief shinney Arrse and pay up, get a reciept. Then go see the Razz Mans office, tap on the door and say Sir I've just PVR'd. He will have a fit but the job is done!!!!!! Loved every minute of them trying to persuade me to resind it!!!!!!!

    D.D. :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Sounds like a typically narrow minded answer. Have you thought of becoming a Career Management Officer yourself. Your right the army doesn't owe me a career, I quite enjoy giving up all my time for and energy for people that don't give a F**K about anything but unit numbers looking good on paper.
  13. Sorry lastt comment was for Furious.
  14. ex tankie ~ if you think that civvie firms will think any more of you than HMF...unless your lucky, you will be just another number making them get richer, but this time you will not have a number :wink:
  15. Sorry extankie you misunderstood. There is a place for resettlement as it justly deserves. Do the time and get yourself a little education before you leave. I was replying to the whinger who thought that the grass was greener so transfered and wanted everything to be rosy. Unfortunately the Army does owe you a job till the day you leave, you probably wont like it though.