Better living accomodation

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by codeword, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. At last we finally have someone who is prepared to get of there arrse and campaign for better accommodation for our men and there family's

    so lets all support this person no matter what our personal opinion of her is if she is the same person we all like to wind up ..

    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Give our
    soldiers and there family's better living accommodation
  2. Firstly, there are already a couple of busy threads in Current Affairs where this subject is being discussed - your post may be better off there.

    Secondly, I doubt that any credibility will be given to a petition (whether set up by a lunatic or not), in which such simple spellings as 'their' and 'families' is incorrect.
  3. Are you not being just a tad unkind here VB?

    Surely it is a sentiment that has been matched with some positive action on the part of that lady which matters more than the niceties of the English language the meaning of which is clear despite the spelling?

    Regards and best wishes
  4. Firstly? Secondly? Your sentence construction is hardly beyond reproach VB!

  5. So, you think that starting an online petition makes you some sort of 'forces sweetheart' and will gain favour with the members of this site?

    Well, it doesn't and it wont. You aint no Dame Vera Lynn and this latest pointless episode will never take away the fact that you are a waste of oxygen not to mention various other basic elements. The resources you take up by breathing could have been put to better use. For example, making a wheelie bin or a donar kebab.

    Please take your petition and shove it up the dark recess you usually allow your nephew to stick his grotty little winky in.

    For further reading, please search for lawstudent/yannie/pentwyn/toshiba/doctrine/camolynx as usernames on this site.
  6. Chuffed to fuck. Chubb, your thread is now where it belongs. In the Arrsehole.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was concerned that the accom shown on the BBC albeit tatty wasnt scrubbed by the out going unit. In my day we moved into weeton camp which the RAF had condemned in 1965 so the Army took over. We could see outside without opening the windows (good as they usually fell out if you tried) and the ablutions were straight out of get some in. The blocks were though kept immaculately clean and the standard of cleanliness went down I believe when we got the new buildings next door a year later.
  8. A reply via email from sarah jane chubb;

    Well, thats me told.
  9. Mods can you delete this thread please.

    While Chubbs heart is in the right place here, she’s a gibbering idiot and shouldn’t be encouraged to be the interweb champion of the armed forces or whatever it is she’s trying to be now.

    With her history of walting I’d even go so far as to questing if Wilf Emmerson and Tracy Miller are even real people.
  10. The Lord Flasheart - you're a complete knob. God help us all if you're a typicle example of the British Army. Twat.
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  12. LOL! touchy!
  13. I thought you liked knobs, got AIDS yet?
  14. How ignorant. Do you not know that these days, the spread of HIV & AIDS is more common in hetrosexual people? Before you start mouthing off, get your facts right so you don't look even more of a twat than you are!
  15. No no, it’s a well known fact that AIDS is restricted to shitstabbers – god wants you all to bugger off pardon the pun :wink: