Better ammo-pouch fastener?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by freedomman, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Being somewhat ham-fisted, I'm tired of fiddling with the 'Spanish Fly' fasteners on the issue ammo pouches.

    After examining the alternatives, I'm looking for opinions on the relative merits of "press-stud 'n' Velcro" versus "fastex" clips.

    For the sake of a few quid, the modification seems to make perfect sense. However, rather than do my own Pepsi challenge, I thought I'd call on the assembled wisdom of the ArRSe kit-tarts!

  2. I'd be happy with fastex.
    If press studs were anything like the ones that attach the pouch to the belt they will be easy to close but nigh on impossible to undo without resorting to a leatherman.
    As for velcro...the sound would annoy the sh1t out of me or am I just being too sensitive.
  3. Aussie issue webbing pouches use velcro & fastex buckles. The velcro usually ends up taped over/burnt off due to the noise, but the buckles are brilliant.
  4. Noise? By the time you need to be changing mags I imagine the whole place would be a bit loud anyway. If you are just at the loading bay, what does it matter?
  5. Think yourself lucky - got to be better than:
  6. I've started using ITW surface mount side release clips. They are pretty good, and easy to fit.

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  7. REStitcher:

    Where may one purchase those shiny things from?

    When you say 'easy to fit', does that take into account mongs such as I who can stitch their smock and trousers together when affixing TRF's?
  8. EX-Stab:

    I remember it well from being in green first-time around!
    I even had 37-pattern when I was a Cadet, FFS!

    'Modern' PLCE is (as you hint) the mutt's nuts in terms of anything I've used before but there are still improvements that can be made.

    Anyone else recall making little cuts at the back of the '58 ammo pouches to give them a bit of extra 'give' so you could actually put mags in and out without the help of a team of oxen?
  9. :lol: "heads up and look in"

    State 1:

    Using the clip make a template

    Stage 2:

    Mark where you want the clip fitted

    Stage 3:

    Cut out the holes scapel blade or hole punch

    Stage 4:

    Push backing plate through the fabric

    Stage 5:

    Clip on front female part

    stage 6:

    Thread webbing strap through and sew onto lid

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  10. Stage 2

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  11. Stage 3

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  12. Stage 4

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  13. stage 5

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  14. stage 6

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