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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spacehopper383, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. This year I would like to share a tradition, I have been keeping for the last 20 years. Some years I've been close others days out. It is guess the time of the first death in the New Year.

    There is only two rules, the first is that only deaths in the UK count and the second is they have to be drink, drug or chav related. :threaten:

    I predict 3:45 am tomorrow.

    Any other takers? :twisted:
  2. Hopefully you in just over 2 hours time.

    You dull cunt.
  3. are you a childrens entertainer ?
  4. Why do you need entertaining?
  5. Good comeback! :D
  6. 01:06
  7. depends . how big is your wand ?

    and can you do balloon animals ?
  8. I would hope that I have the pleasure of gaffa-taping your youngest daughter to the exhaust of your car, and watching the blood from her still bleeding vagina go vivid red before blowing her head off with an improvised firearm made from your grandfather's Montblanc and a .22 round you dull cunt. About 00:01 then. Unlock your garage granddad
  9. Doing Balloon Animals
  10. Any of your family kicked it yet?
  11. 04:30

    Just as I said.

    Hope the hangovers aren't too bad. :toilet:
  12. Grantham again!
  13. I reckon Gazza will shuffle of the coil this year. Maybe take his mate Ten Bellies with him too.