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Discussion in 'Officers' started by 11D, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Is it me or am I the only one that thinks that it is pretty pointless to have a bets book in the mess if people are going to use it to make ridiculous bets and also not bother to honour them if they loose.

    For example betting somebody "a bottle of champagne to have cardinal knowledge of a young lady in the mess" should be saved for the playground and kept as an 'in joke'.

    oh and " I bet you a bottle of champers I will be a Brigadier before you" is pretty lame considering the amount of money a brig is on!

    WHile I am at it if you wager someone a bottle of pink champagne from Spearmint Rhinos and a promise of a lap dance then it is bad form when you dedide to turn round and say "I'm not playing" when you loose!!

    Lets stop messng around, stop putting in lame wagers and forfeits and get some decent and worthwhile bets in there. Lets make it more interesting and challenging rather than waste paper!

    Whatever happened to the good old bets like see how far away from camp you can get in one weekend??

    End of whinge
  2. 11D, what century do you live in??
  3. Quite right. If we're talking high ranking officials of the catholic church, then I wouldn't bet on anything less than the pope himself.


  4. Just for interests sake, might also be worth noting that when a certain, no-need-to-be-named Cavalry Regiment was being dragged through the mud by the tabloid press last year, the contents of the Lines and Bets Book in the mess was used by the RMP as evidence in the following investigation.

    I know at that stage someone in my mess attacked our books with a razorblade, removing any slightly dubious statements!!! Can't be too careful in this day and age.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Here here.

    I think the KRH experience quoted above be a salutory lesson to those dimwits that still think these things still have a function in life.
  6. I think the KRH experience quoted above be a salutory lesson to those dimwits that still think these things still have a function in life.[/quote]

    Chimera's Mess must be rather dull if he feels that a bets book should have a function in life. Surely they are a bit of fun to spice up tedious times on the North German Plain. Admittedly there are examples of things getting out of hand and bets being made that are prety disgusting, but the basic idea of betting the odd bottle of champagne on challenges dreamt up by Mess members surely adds to the vibrancy of Mess life.
  7. With you on that Ritchie. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a bit of self regulation - if a wager is out of order then don't put it in the wagers book. What is wrong with a bit of light hearted banter or a statement being backed up by a bottle of the obvious? If you don't agree then don't join in, bet you're a laugh at mess functions though.

    The only thing wrong with it in my mind is that I keep on bloody losing and my mess bill is getting out of hand...
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Just what the KRH officers thought. They probably thought that they were 'self regulating' as well.

    Am I a laugh a Mess parties - well that is for others to judge, but I haven't had any complaints so far. Perhaps more significantly neither I, or any of my officers, has been torn apart in front of an industrial tribunal or a court martial because of a little 'playful banter'. Wasn't that the excuse people used to justify calling black people niggers?

    Times have moved on; live in this century, not the one before last.
  9. The KRH Mess was an extreme example, or at least I hope it was and by all accounts things had got way out of hand and way beyond the bounds of decency. This should though not stigmatise all Messes. Obviously my experience is limited to those Messes I have been a member of, or guest of, but most bets seem to involve eating or drinking challenges, or geting something for nothing, (hotel rooms, train journeys, items of clothing, photographs in unusual places etc.) Maybe I have been very sheltered, but it seems to me all these do is contribute to a healthy Mess life and if that is living in the century before last then all I see is a future of Officers' Messes turning into 2nd rate travelodges, rather than a vibrant focus for Officers' lives within the Regiment.
  10. Coming from an organisation where a pat on the back is always a recce for a dagger, I've steered well clear of bets books. Anything of that sort is a hostage to fortune for some miserabilist MS type at best, and career-ending at worst.
  11. It is a crying shame if you can't have a laugh within the confines of the mess without resorting to something that will ruin a career or bring an entire regiment into disrepute. Surely there is a place for light hearted, well meaning fun that doesn't involve "backstabbing" or utterly debauched behaviour. As i said before, if that is going to happen for god's sake don't put it in the wagers book! I am assuming that you are against Lines books and photo albums also, because they too could potentially ruin an illustrious career - as could drinking in the mess and, heaven forbid, the squadron bars...

    I am living very much in the 21st Century but I like to think that the Army is able to hold on to some of the best things about being single and living in messes and on barracks, the ability to have a laugh with fellow like minded individuals being one of them. Otherwise i fear the Army will become a very dull place to live and work indeed.
  12. I've always found it possible to enjoy myself without recording events for posterity and, to be honest, I've never bothered reading 'Lines Books' or looking through Mess photo albums. Not my bag, Baby :D
  13. Very good by the way :wink:
  14. So I presume that some in this forum are dead against mini-flare cricket then? Car-B-Qs?

    I do wish that those who take a dim view of our mess antics actually realised that most of it is harmless fun, the rest is paid for!
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Many years ago, I was at a Mess event when someone died having a bit of 'harmless fun'....

    If you want to show how adult you are do it on the range, the assault course, or the battlefield. Or perhaps (scary concept for some readers in some of our more social regiments perhaps) do it in front of your soldiers.