Bets are on - next for Invasion?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. All armchair warriors must have their favourite for the next piece of action.

    Brown will start to feel his balls sooner or who's the favourite for "intervention/invasion?"

    Arrse posters favour Iran, (led by Uncle Sam of course). but there has to be others closer to UK/EU interests. Zimbabwe perhaps? African adventurism dontcherknow? Maybe Nigeria? Oil has a helluva attraction.

    Anyway my bet is Serbia/Kosovo.....again. But we have been caught out before...Falklands for example.

    So. Come on guys...where do you think the next push job is going to occour? Iran, Falklands, Zimbabwe, Kosovo, Nigeria, Venezuala, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan? Or somewhere closer.....Bradford?
  2. Definately IRAN. I believe thats its allreday being planned and that is one of the reasons we are withdrawing from Iraq!
  3. If the armed forces had their way it might just be Westminster......
  4. its not a withdrawl we are repositioning...ok were legging it just dont tell anyone..
  5. Grenada. They hate our freedom and are easy to duff up.
  6. sudan...loads of pmc work heading that way
  7. Lindisfarne? - We might just have enough left to do it.
  8. After Brown's 'felt his balls' I'm sure he'll take on either the USA or China. This is not a man with a developed gift for strategic success.
  9. Bearing in mind Brown's mental track record and his obvious lack of financial commitment to the military serfvices, my bet is on the Isle of Man or Jersey.
  10. with current deployments and MOD spending, just how are we going to get to either of them?

    I think we could manage the Isle of Dogs, or Isle of Sheppy. Those of us who are not deployed could pay our own way over to the Isle of wight and still have some space on the ferry for other passengers.
  11. The invasion of Australia's going pretty well. Shhhh, don't tell them though.
  12. I think France is due another invasion actually. They need reminding of their status in the scheme of things. A sort of winding in of necks with the military if you will.
  13. What about an invasion of this country to try and get it back from the millions of foreigners who have been invading us over the last ten/fifteen years or so....!

  14. I fear them"
  15. My money's on Nigeria; lots of oil and it's a bit nearer so less expensive to bomb/visit, so attractive for Dubya and his cohort of mongs. Add on lots of tribal strife, rampant corruption/nepotism, Islam, a population 4 times the size of Iraq's, and a (mostly)tyrannical ruler and oooh, what could possibly go wrong? Will it be Port Harcourt standing in for Basra, or Lagos? And it's already had a civil war and a few armed insurrections, so they will know what to do and be good at it(who am i kidding, this Africa FFS).

    cue Don LaFontaine stylee movie voiceover type announcement-
    "Iraq II; Dubya strikes Back", coming to a theatre near you.

    Best pack the Lariam and some johnnies, don't want anyone catching anti-social diseases now!

    Better still, George could do a 2 for 1 swop; abandon Iraq and invade Nigeria and Angola at the same time, then stop off for lunch on the way home and knock over oil rich Equatorial Guinea for good measure.
    Quick! Nurse! The screens!