Betrayed yet again! 80 troops sacked a year short of drawing full pension.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Breks, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Fail.

    Surely it's time for a 16th thread on this matter?
  2. What make? Auto or manual? Turbo or supercharged? So many decisions .
  3. Just take the cover off the landy. Job jobbed.
  4. Well once the Army is small enough you won't need the back doors...
  5. .................This isn't new!

    If you read the article, it clearly states that to get an immediate pension, you have to serve 18 years?
    So, its not about people being sacked at the 21 year mark as some would like to have us think.
    It's about those being sacked at the 17 year mark......Big difference!!!

    A full service pension is for 22 years for uneducated scum. So in effect, they are letting anybody with 18 years service or over, have a pension of some sort.
    Doesn't sound too bad to me!
  6. Unless you are the Officer at 15 years+ who loses £12K a year for the difference of (65- leaving age. Normally 37-38 ) so at 38 = £324, 000. All because they chose to bin you short of the 16 year point. That makes eyes water.

    I suggest you read the edcuated (and some not so) posts in the SDSR/ The Unpensionables thread.
  7. FFS! A full service pension is paid at 37 years of adult service! There is an option to leave at the 22 year point and receive an immediate pension of 22/37ths. Every serving soldier really needs a smack on the back of the head. MoD know damn well that the majority are kept in ignorance of this. Think about it. They want young men and women not hundreds of fifty-somethings stacking blankets and running admin, so they play on the myth that 22 years is a full career. You get a pension and a gratuity, who's going to refuse that? You're actually making yourself jobless. Imagine if someone challenged this in court.....'I want to stay in the Army until I'm 55 so that I can earn a full pension'. Strange is it not that there are so many Majors and above still around until 55. No one is suggesting they 'retire' after 16 years!

    I should explain that I was commissioned from RSM and left after completing 6 years Late Entry Commission, stupidly thinking the world and his dog were going to fight for my services at the camp gates. After 5 nanoseconds I was cruelly welcomed to life with effin civvies! I did my research on this........after the event........!

    I've missed where the immediate pension at the 18 year point comes from. This must be new, seems strange though.

  8. & I suggest, you understand that I give not one shit, about Ruperts & their pensions!

    16 years for a Ruperts pension compared to 22 years for the scum of the earth's pension, needs addressing.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Being done elsewhere.
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