Beta Colour Scheme - Light OD, Comments Please

I've got most of a non-RAF colour scheme sorted that I would like to become the default. Before I start going through every colour everywhere (some bits are still blue), remaking icons (all still blue), can I have some feedback please?

Just go to Settings->General Settings->Miscealleous Options (near the bottom)->Forum Skin and choose "Light OD".

I have included the requests to make the division between user profile information, post content and signature content more clear.

If you don't like it fine, but ideally I would like a good description of what and why.

I just found this a few minutes ago and I have to say that it's seems a lot easier on my eyes, it doesn't appear as bright and I find it easier to read the print thanks gents.


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That's more like it... More comfortable viewing and much more 'Army'
The new skin gets a thumbs up from me!
Smashing pumpkins. Great improvement on the blue.
I like the coloured Mr Mushroom Head too, much better than the B&W version we used to have. It's all taking shape Good CO. Take the rest of the day off. :D
Very comfortable with this colour, has cut down glare and no eye strain. Stick with it boss.


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Thanks for your hard work during this changeover.
New colours are grand.


Getting there, site is a little heavy to load up if you are sat in the mess using a dongle, however I enjoy it on here and dont mind the wait.

Also the signature block needs something to break it from the content, however you deserve a pat on the back.
Great - thanks. I think that's enough to justify cracking on with icons and exterminating the remaining RAF influence.
Just changed to the light OD - what huge yet subtle difference.

Cracking site as always Good CO, thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes.

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