Bet this B`stard eats 3 shreaded wheat

Story in Daily Mail today.

A single rebel sniper on a bicycle pinned down US Marines for most of aday in a farcical episode from the Battle of Fallujah.

Determined to take him out ,US commanders launched 2 air strikes,dropping 4-500 lb bombs on him.

They followed these with 35 artillery shells and 10 huge deliveries from Abrams tanks on the oppersite side of the street-plus 30,000 rounds from automatic rifles.

The two 3 story buildings the sniper was using for cover were blown to smithereens.But as the smoke cleared ,he was spotted furiously peddling away into the distance,apparently unharmed.

The barrage began in the morning as a group of marines tried to make their way south along Highway 10 through Fallujah.

The sniper started taking potshots.Dashing between piles of smouldering debris on his bike, he targeted any soldier who moved.

He killed at least 1 marine and may have wounded 2 others.

One officier said during the incident "The idea is,he just sits up there and eats a sandwich and we go crazy trying to find him."

By noon the Marines had reached a national guard building, still taking fire from the sniper.Inside was a sign in Arabic saying"Long live the mujahedeen."Troops spraypainted over it "Long live the muji killers."

For the next 5 hrs ,the barrage continued as they tried and failed to kill the 1 man dashing between the two buildings.

A New York Times journalist embedded with the Marines witnessed the incident.He reported"It was a lesson on the nature of the enemy in this hellish warren of rubble strewn streets.And somehow ,through a volley of gunfire,whoever it was got away."

Experts estimate that £50,000 worth of bombs,shells and bullets were fired.

Top tip for the Comd US ground forces. Bed time reading should include Vietnam- A lost Cause
SE Asia and how not to win a war
US Foriegn Policy- an ideal that makes the Albanian Push To A Democratic Ideolygy look like a chapter from Harry Potter.
Hearts and Minds in a free Jewish State by Himmler, the abridged version.

Win the people and you win the war. Shell the feck out of them and you will ensure that every sperm hates you for eternity- Author....anon.
Sounds like a typical dodgy Daily Mail story to me.

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