Bet these two were Assylum Seekers once!

Should/can we class this as Treason, after all they are fighting the Spams?

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When they are captured, they should be charged with Treason. I may be wrong, but I think that the death penalty still applies to treason. We should then hang them both and deport their families. Pair of fcuking cnunts. :twisted: :evil:


This is a prima facie case of High Treason: until we finally abolished capital punishment for all crimes in 1998 they would have faced an automatic death sentence. Their crime in this case is analogous to a young Londoner wih a German mother - Thomas Haller Cooper - who served in the Waffen-SS between 1940 and 1945 and took part in combat against the Russians. He faced several charges of High Treason, including one that he '...waged war against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, an Ally of Our Lord the King...' in the war. He was convicted of High Treason, sentenced to death but reprieved.

Anyway, these two tossers, should they be caught, ought to be tried and convicted and slung away somewhere nasty for the rest of their stinking lives. Moqtadr Al Sadr is hardly an inspiring leader - he certainly isn't like his father - he is basically a crook and a hustler who cloaks his naked ambition and greed in Islamic rhetoric, so these two ********* have either been seriously misled, or they are just there for the aggro. What a pair of maggots!
Certainly they should at the very least be refused entry into this country
if they survive .They chose a side let them keep to it hope we dont see some mp/lawyer/self appointed community leader ; Insisting they are extradited from a us/iraq prison or an iraq hospitial when their adventure goes tits up
Though probably t the way this government going they will get to march
at the cenotaph behind the co and ira cnd any other orgnisation that hates britain :(
During the push to overthrow the Taliban many, many young UK muslims left the country Afganistan bound to take up arms against us. It would be foolish to think that the security services are not closely monitoring the people currently leaving the UK bound for sandy places (or countries where they could connect from).
But sitting within the spectacular golden-domed shrine of Imam Ali that stands above the battle, the two Londoners, uncle and nephew with just two years between them, insisted they were ready to die alongside their fellow Muslims and for the country where they were born.

Speaking in distinctively London accents — with an incongruous mix of British slang and Islamic rhetoric — the pair admitted that they had no previous military training and acknowledged that, if captured, they risk being sent to Guantanamo Bay or a highsecurity US prison in Iraq.

The elder Briton said: “It is our country and there are invaders here. We have taken the side of Moqtada al-Sadr because we believe it is the right side.”
Traitor to their naturalised country, as they have not taken up operations against it as yet, or Patriots to the land and indeed Town of their birth?

It would be as well to read the whole article.

Al-Sadr has successfully hijacked the significance of Najaf , to bring people like this into the fight. He is a Gangster, this is a turf war,to protect his racketeering, Heroin smuggling out of Afghanistan and Prostitution business but unfortunately, there are plenty of fools worldwide, who won't see it that way.

Then again, if Bremner hadn't been such a bloody thin-skinned t wat , we wouldn't have got to this.

The Victor decides who is a traitor, and who is a patriot

If however, they have been proven to have taken up Arms against British Forces , then save the cost of the air fare and Lawyers, a convenient lamp post and a roll of Don 10 should do the job nicely.
Once they have taken up arms against our allies, then they have taken up arms against us.

The case is simple, no amount of rehtoric or spin hides this fact.

Find out who they are, suspend their passports, and try them for treason.

However, I would expect to see more of these "British" Fundamentalist fighters emerging soon. Watch the Glorious Leader do nothing again to stop the spread of fundamentalism from within our own country :evil:
Fcukers, the pair of them. Seeing as they keep refering to Iraq as "their country" and clearly don't want to be British anymore, I see no reason to ever let them back into the UK ever again.

Also, did anyone see that programme the other night "Who you callin' a n***er?"? Had a West Indian guy investigating racial tension between various ethnic minority groups in the Midlands. Pretty depressing stuff really, and interesting to see the young Asian lad with a picture of Osama bin Laden on his mobile spouting off about how in 10-20 years time the UK won't be the UK anymore, it'll be Pakistan and that would be the happiest day of his life... cnut!
Also, Sadr keeps spouting off about "defending Najaf until the last drop of his blood". I think in keeping with the best traditions of the corrupt warlord, that should be amended to read "the last drop of my minions' blood"

Personally, I think Najaf would be a fantastic place for the Spams to try out that MOAB thingy they have been testing :twisted:

Ain't going to happen though, seeing as the bloody Mehdi army are hiding in mosques and graveyards... fcuking cowards.
I was wondering who else saw that , as it clashed with a rather good documentary on Chechnya.

Darcus Howe ended up with the right arrsehole after talking to the Pakistani ratboys.

Congratulations Darcus, now you know exactly how the West Indian, Sikh and Hindu communities feel up here.

Anyway, I felt Mr. Howe was less than honest about being surprised at the degree of antipathy felt by West Indians towards Pakistani Moslems. After all , he does come from Trinidad, and I just know, they were calling them "Coolies" and holding them in not a lot of respect in your day too Darcus.

The documentary left me seething, becuase of the time it went out, and because he only showed the tip of the iceberg.

Pity they didn't have their cameras outside some schools hereabouts,to see the abuse White , West Indian , Sikh and hindu females get from trainee Chauvanist Bigots.

Oh what a surprise, there is a strong criminal element amongst Somalian asylum seekers. There was me thinking it was ALL of them :evil:
Saw most of the Chechnya documentary too. I ended up flicking between the two initially but then gave up on the Darkus one as, like you, it made me angry and I pretty much knew what the script was going to be.

The Chechen doco was really good, we need more things like that to try and educate our general public who are rapidly becoming as ignorant of world events as the US public.

Today it seems to be a case of;

"Go back to sleep Britain, your government is in control. Here's big brother to keep you stupid..." (Sorry Bill Hicks!)

Wasn't Mark Urban the bloke who was cutting about in his old cav uniform during Op Granby trying to sneak into O groups, etc?
I taped the Chechen thing, while watching Darcus.

You're right 5 mile, we should be seeing more of that not less. Putin is a proper Machivellian Bastard, no doubt. No wonder the old guard in Russia love him

Not sure what was the most harrowing thing I saw, but the last momnets of the Russian Recce patrol screaming for support that wasn't going to come was awful.

And yes, Mark Urban stuck his old RTR beret on I believe.

Or is that urban legend Mark? :wink:


Let's hope that these two have a short visit to Najaf, and that our US colleagues ensure that they have a suitably painful martydom so as to ensure that they will not be returning to sponge off our welfare system once they have finished their little Jihad.
Absolutely. If they ever come back to this country they should be shipped straight out to Texas or somewhere in the US that still has the death penalty.

Hopefully, the merkins will kill the bastards. Then we'll have the spectacle of their family back in the nasty old UK saying they were tourists and not terrorists.

Of course, they are only young and have been swung by propoganda but they made the decision and they made the journey. They have to die - end of story.
Be funny as fcuk if the next footage we see shows them slotted. I hope loads more follow them. Perhaps then this Governmnet will be a bit more interested in immigrant issues.

Like someone said though, if they get captured, their families will have a million and one excuses why they were there.
Baddass said:
Be funny as fcuk if the next footage we see shows them slotted. ... Their families will have a million and one excuses why they were there.

And our taxes will probably end up paying for legal aid so they can sue the US!
Well Gent's I agree with your sentiments completely.

Oh to be the Commander of the M1 Abrahams that our Cockney Arabs saw last night, with the thermal image on and the coax loaded I would have given them a quick introduction to the Najaf two-step.

As old "Stormin Norman" once said "Their god will judge them, it is my job to see that they meet at the earliest opportunity".
'Legal Aid'
Yeh right on.
Cherrys probably prepareing their defence case already. Might as well give them their financial compensation now, poor things.
PS do the harabs still castrate infidels, after beheading?
Ay john no one playing.
Historically beheading and castration can be found in published material.
Bugles and a Tiger by John Masters.
Where Soldiers Fear to Tread by Rann Finnes.
Oh and doesn't Masters mention Flaying, Alive even ?
Ya knows like what hppened in Bieruit in the mid 80's to the CIA head of station, videod and copy sent to his boss.
Harbs got ta luv em.

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