Bet that stung......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chasndave, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Hard as nails,
    Runs out onto the motorway, gets run over by a truck then jumps up and has a pop at Plod!
    I see you failed to note that they were not entirely un-attractive Swedish blonde females and twins to boot!
  2. Feck me you need to sell this one a bit more....

    Two birds walking in the middle of M6, coppers pull them, they scaarper one gets hit by a car, stays standing, coppers get em on hard shoulder, they try and escape across the M6 again, one hit by lorry one hit by car. one gets up, gripped by coppers, escapes to other side of M6 takes 5 people to control her

    What the feck were they on mushrooms!!!!
  3. Love it, made my day, yes, it doesn't take much.
  4. The video is weird, isn't it? Were they on drugs or just trying to escape from some Arrsers unwanted attentions? I think we should be told

    edit for mong spelling
  5. I like it how the female plod gets decked with an elbow, stops chasing the women and jumps up and down waving her arms till a male colleague arives.

    Do they teach that in police basic?
  6. fcuck me
    did they have no pepper spray

    1 day she got
    i'd have sent her down for a year the gobby swedish cnut!
  7. On tonight BBC 1, 9pm
  8. On now.

    Holy crap, showed the unedited clip - you hear the thump as the HGV hit her.
  9. on bbc 1 right now. Crazy bints.

    What a fat mess that splitarrse copper is!
  10. The bind moggles!

    Any chance of getting rid of the accompanying noises, i.e. sudden chopper noises, bang, bang at regular inervals?

  11. What a freak show. Baton would have been my answer to the situation.
  12. It's the banner ad for Apache Dawn. If you look in the Arrse site issues thread, you'll see it's already being dealt with by the COs.
  13. Is there a minimum weight for female plod now?
  14. Clearly self inflicted injuries.

    Who do we send the bill to for the police, helicopter, stoppage of traffic, A&E care, courts and the like?

    They were both in the bracket of 'I'd fuck them with a shovel' I have to say. :D

    The two ragheads on the motorway. They are served with a notice on how to get to a local Home Office to let them know they've arrived????

    No fcuking wonder the place is over run with II's.