Bet faye didnt get paid for this pic!

Why's she dressed as a vicar? 8O Change of vocation perhaps. She could stand next to the Vicar of Dibley and be the slim one, maybe! :)


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Dosen't she understand that part of being a celebrity means that the papperazzi will hound her every move
Maybe she will get it once she is knocking about with the Beckhams and Cruise's
Hope she dosen't get as arsey when shipmates are queing for photo's and autographs to send home in the old 'you'll never guess who was on board today' letters to mummy


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Classy creature isn't she?
Nice to see they managed to source ARRSE at least this time.......perhaps next time they can stretch themselves that little bit further and credit the individual user.
As long as her agent ......sorry government gets their 40% commision/tax on whats paid to her for the story I dont think they give a fcuk :x


Not her - no fags, and she appears to have lost 5 stone.
mmmmm! you can see she is still suffering from her experience in that 6x6 cell with crap persian carpet in it. :x


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What about the headline.
(a) Turneys' emergency replacement says thanks back to back 6 month tours
(b) We are still covering for you Faye - says chuffed matelot on HMS Cornwall

Has she actually said anything about wanting to go back or anything positive about her ship?
It seems that unlike the house behind her, this shows no chance of subsiding.


Take the Daily Mail link above and then scroll down for Littlejohn's comment. Says it all.

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