bestialitys best, boys.....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by codbutt, May 24, 2010.

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  1. From the Grauniad:

    A 66-year-old man was jailed today for having sex with a horse and a donkey.

    Joseph Squires was sentenced to a total of 22 months, a Leicester crown court official confirmed today.

    He previously pleaded guilty to buggery of a donkey between 2 February and 5 February 1999, and buggery with a horse between 15 and 18 March 2004.

    Squires, of Leicester, also admitted charges of damaging property – relating to the two animals on the same dates.

    The court spokesman said Squires had already served 126 days on remand.

    - good grief - are there no sheep in Leicestershire?
  2. Buggery?
    What no straight sex?
    The man must be strange.

  3. Oh come on be fair - have you seen the Leicester breed of sheep? The English, the Blue Face and the Border Leicester are all ugly long haired creatures. No wonder they are only bred for eating as meat.

    I am intrigued about the related property damage - did he have to break into the stables, tear or stain their blankets?
  4. Maye he's hung like a donkey & smashing in their back doors was too much for the poor beasts ...
  5. Four days in Feb, then four days in March? That's stamina. I doff my hat to you sir.
  6. Not only a pervert but a two-timing pervert, too. Has the man no shame?
  7. The sex with the donkey may have been consensual, but the horse definitely said "Nay!" - according to the pig who squealed.
  8. I bet the guy's a cross-dresser too - he was probably wearing mules.
  9. Something I've noticed with these particular kind of cases is that the accused is usually a male the other side of 50. Makes me wonder - do the younger ones not get caught? Or is it that a male the other side of 50 can't remember where the prossies hang out? Of course it could be with the advancing years he can't tell the difference or prefers the distinct lack of verbal feedback....

    Having said that I did hear of a case where a family of sons were occupying their valuable time as farm labourers shafting the farm animals. I guess it beats paying for it. Or indeed going through the motion of dating/copulating/being dumped by members of the fairer sex.
  10. from the Yorkshire Evening Post:

    Evidently the horse kicked him out.
  11. Buggery with horse and a donkey!! Disgusting!!!

    Now straight sex with a lamb; especially with a nubile young lamb. That I could understand.

    edited to add: A nubile ewe lamb of course.
  12. I'll wait for full details in Thai Press.

  13. First old colonel: Did you here about Smithers?

    Second ditto: No?

    First: Yes, he's divorced his wife, resigned his commission and is living in sin with a monkey...

    Second: Good god! Male monkey or female monkey?

    First: Oh female of course, nothing queer about old Smithers!
  14. I suppose that these were submitted to Animals Do The Funniest Things on VHS video?

    It's the only way I can think off that they would know the dates.
  15. I do remember reading in the Telegraph in the mid-90'ies about a woman - school teacher from Penge or somewhere nearby in SE London - who was up before the Beak for bestiality with a Great Dane.

    I did wonder - how did they find out? Did the dog put its paws up to it?