Bestiality. Is there a downside ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cutaway, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The army, quite logically, is full of the more adventurous types, those who are willing to go that little further, to push physical and mental boundaries.
    Not for them the humdrum life of the timid drone, they will explore the new, the dangerous, the exciting.
    If they'd wanted to sit in a cushy office drinking brews, chatting about Eastenders & playing Minesweeper they'd have joined the Crabs.

    Taffs & Kiwis aside, that special bond between two consenting adult mammals is often considered taboo and only spoken of in whispers to trusted friends late at night.
    But can anyone here, with hand on heart, truly say they've never felt a twitch of interest and a surge of groinal turgidity when gazing longingly at a mare's hindquarters ?
    And many, many ladies have seen a stallion cooling in the summer & thought, "After all the men I've dated don't I deserve a full size one ?" (It's ok girls, you may admit it in here.)

    We now need bring the subject out into the open and discuss it like adults.
    Why should an otherwise upstanding pillar of the community feel leprous and outcast merely because of what he or she does in the privacy of their own stables ?
    What business is it of the great unwashed what Ms. Clements gets up to with her two faithful Mastiffs ?
    Is there any reason the lady at number 53 must feel ashamed of the tricks she has taught her eels ?

    For those that seek the ultimate thrill of getting right back to nature there has always been that element of the unknown, but is it really, seriously perilous ?
    Apparently so, read on:


    What is your best or most dangerous experience ?
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  2. As someone who used to work at a stud and help with collecting for A.I. I can unequivocally 100% say I would never EVER allow something like that near me, have you seen the fcuking size of them :omfg:

    Oh and the woman with the horse and the woman with the dog on animal farm apparently both died, one from internal injuries and the other from an infection (i think you can guess which is which).

    Channel 4 did a documentary about a year ago and there was a group of men by a field talking about the lovely fillies flanks.......ewwwwwwww!
    Also a group of women talking about how sex with a dog is so different from sex with a man - no sh*t sherlock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edited for being a spelling mong
  3. I've read odd news items on US forums - whoever gets caught having sex with an animal gets charged with animal cruelty. Not sure what the laws wrt this are in this country.
  4. Please provide contact information for Ms. Clements.
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  5. As a nipper, I was always taught the importance of taking my wellies "back home" to Gogledd Cymru. At 17 years young I went up Crib Goch a boy a came down into Rhyd Ddu, a man. Naturally, a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, so there the story must end.

    One thing I will add, Hunter wellies are a must for any God-fearing Welshman. Ever wondered why they have buckles around the calves? Wonder no more my firends, wonder no more.
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  6. May I repectfully suggest that you Google "Mr Hands".

    The video is NSFW, not even slightly.

    There is a wikipedia entry that will give you everything except the execution paragraph.
  7. He was from the Newcastle area, I thought it was quite normal for them, the quayside on a Saturday night anyone?
  8. don't ask me how I know,

    The Sexual Offences act 2003, (section 69 [oh how ironic!]), Intercourse with an animal:
    Intentionally penetrating a live animal's anus or vagina with the offender's penis; or intentionally causing or allowing a person's anus or vagina to be penetrated by the penis of a live animal.
    Maximum penalty: 2 years
  9. You must have been relieved to find that a canine BJ is legal...
  10. My bold. Loopholes- gotta love 'em 8O
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  11. I see a loophole..... 8O

    Editited for having slow sausage fingers. Dammit Jonno!
  12. Thanks for clarifying that, oral is still ok!
  13. Managed to get my thumb out of my dog's arse quicker than you did then? :wink:
  14. Well, what about Sexual penetration of a corpse (SOA2003, section 70)
    Intentional sexual penetration of part of the body of a dead person with a part of the offender's body or an object.
    Maximum penalty: 2 years

    I suppose the issue would be what you define as a "person".