Best & Worst Vehs in service today Peace time/ Ops

Discussion in 'REME' started by Bag4life, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. From a REME point of view which are the best vehs in service and which are the worst.

    why? what needs to be done etc.

    More importantly Fitter & Recovery vehs are they up to it,
    can more be done to make them more user friendly without comprimising protection,

    What country has something you would rather sit in under fire.
  2. The Rhino (CRARRV) is an awesome bit of kit and some good looking bits of kit are just on the scene.

    Trojan, Titan and Mastiff are all monsters and look the buissness but waiting on to see how they do on ops if they are the real deal.

    Worst bits of kit must be Renault Boughton with Shielder another waste of space.
  3. RB 44 is definately the worst.
    Bedfords - just plain unreliable.
    43 series. Give us more Warriors!!!!!

    As for good kit, CR2 including variants (CRARRV etc)
  4. Echo the rb44, rubbish of road, a 3 person cab that clearly ain't and miniscule side bins.
    Have seen one that was fitted for CP with a gunner reg, that looked ok, if a bit crampt.
    What about land rover 101s (am I correct in thinking they came prior to RBs) , were they up to scratch?

    As for best vehs, staff cars surely?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    With the non-availability of brake servos, the RB44 fleet is only going to get smaller and smaller...

  6. I was under the impression that bedfords were the ultimate squaddie proof, go anywhere, kick the arrse off DAFs, basic but solid wagon we had going (pre-MAN). And when they broke they could get fixed by anyone with more mechanical knowledge than me - which is absolutely diddly squat!
  7. Bedford MJ is a pig to drive.....Daf is much better...whats going to replace the Wolf? heard it was the G this true?
  8. prefer a MJ against a DAF any day like to see your agreeing with the Boughton being sh*t, I wonder what politician made out of this wonderful buy.
  9. Ahh but which is better, to drive or to keep on the road and therefor be able to drive.

    As far as the wolf goes I believe its replacement will be the Defender 110 as they drive so slowly they can't be destroyed! :wink:

    Seriously though I had read that G Wagons in Afghan were suffering due to the increased loads they were carrying (armour especially).
  10. saw a lot of unhappy G wagons in Afghan when I was there.....
    and even more in Iraq....think i stick with my wolf.........
    Have UK forces started using the G wagon in Afghan?..never heard about it...Armour kits on Dan/Lith and others looked lame as buggery!
  11. There both the same to work on really and very straight forward, need to be really because Squat to p*ss B Mechs arent too clever. :wink:

    I think a MJ can be better cross country than a DAF. I recently had a look in the back of a Mastiff before it went to the Gulf and they look great.
  12. Without a doubt IRON. DAF's rattle and fall to to bits cross country.

    Not to mention the cabs ability to come loose and drop forward. :D
  13. so far I think it is only the armoured version for VIPs that the British Army has the RMP CP teams in Baghdad had some and the PROFOR 1 Star taxi service had a couple (when they weren't VOR) and there was if i remember rightly a knackered one out at the Iraqi Military Academy that the Training Team had and the British Embasy had some the problem with them was they were the short wheel base ones so there was no room in them especially with all the comms ECM and blue force tracker in but they were more robust than the armoured Range Rovers (that the air suspention kept colapsing on)
  14. The Armoured a good bit of kit....had one as a runabout for a while..till the MT remembered who had it ..bugger
  15. No more RB44s?! Hooray!!!