Best/ worst roles for a young officer

I have main board in May, and I'm currently deciding which corps/regiments I want to join. At the minute I've been drawn towards paras/infantry or possibly artillery.
I was wondering, what is regarding as the best and worst jobs for a young officer ?

I assume you are asking what the best and worst young officer roles are (infantry, RAC, artillery, logistics, etc). If that is indeed the case, then the answer is entirely subjective. If you are the sort who lives for jumping out of planes followed by leading your Pl up a mountain in order to deliver the final blow with the business end of a bayonet, then clearly PARA is probably "the best" for you. If however you derive satisfaction from enabling the army to do its core business by providing the supplies it needs, then your idea of "the best" role might be something in the RLC.

The Army requires a great variety of people to do a great variety of different things. Luckily we are able to (by and large) recruit enough people who are keen enough to do all of the different things we need them to do from sticking bayonets into people to getting our soldiers paid and getting fuel, ammunition, food and parts to those who need them.

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My advice would be to identify what it is you want out of being a young officer. If it is to command soldiers than look forcapbadges that offer you platoon or troop command roles immediately. Also look for a regiment or corps that can offer you variety. For exmple Gunners and Sappers offer the chance to work in a variety of different disciplines and roles as you advance through your early career. They also offer para and cdo opportunities. And because they are big Regiments they have more commissions to offer.

It is also important to find a Regiment that feels right for you, where you fit in and can be yourself. Fortunately there is no one size fits all and most cndidates seem to get married upto a suitable regiment.

Good luck!



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