Best / Worst memories of JLR Colerne

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Outstanding, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. This has got to have some goodies lurking?!
  2. Cheeseburger lol. And no I didn't before you ask.
  3. Hhhhhmmmmmm cheeseburger, sorry, doing my homer simpson. And NO I didnt either!!!!
    Ozzy Drum Major and hes still there today, guarding the main gate now, not growling at everyone.
  4. Ha, ha ha ha ...... cheeseburger. I did.

    The grapevine in Bath. First proper boozers I ever got served in.
  5. A certain 90 Sqn SSMs daughter shagging recruits.
  6. Its all flooding back, What about the short blonde Education Corps LT that everyone fantasised about. Apparently she was a grotty cow, used to leave dirty knickers all over her room, that came form one of the lads who was s******g a cleaner form the Offrs Mess.
  7. That bleeding BFT route. Soul-destroying watching the runway keep dissapearing over the horizon, leaving you with the feeling it was never going to end. :(
  8. There were 2 goddess blonde education officers as i remember, had many a hand to hand combat sessions with the pink darth vader when i was going thru...does anyone have any pics of them two, preferably naked with a 12 inch dildo hanging out of their ass??? (ok, maybe im asking too much!!)
  9. Who was that "badged" instructor who wasnt badged at all!!!! Im talking around 87-88, he was RAOC but a instructor in a RCT Troop. I was in Benghazi Pl, 88 Coy.
  10. We got our troop Sergeant sacked for beating one of the lads up. 57 Sqn (Hobbs) 82/83, he still made it to WO2 (poss WO1). Probably due to race issues as I'm sure he would have been out otherwise. In fairness he had picked on the guy from day 1 and it took until our leaving pish up for us to do something about it. He was just a sadistic bully that liked picking on 16 year olds.
  11. I know who youre on about, but cant remember his name. He used to wear a trench coat when while doing drill in the rain. Its going to bug me about his name now. Looked a bit of hard nut, bald head bent nose and all that. Wasnt he a stacker?
  12. One of our troop was on guard over Christmas and woke up in his bunk to find the orderly Sergeants hand in his undies! He reported the bloke but funnily enough nothing was done, fcuking perv. It's no wonder the same perv had us marching round wearing nothing but mess tins and green plastic belts. I laughed about it at the time but now i'm older and (a bit) wiser it's obvious what his motives were, I feel sorry for his kids!

    Wait out, there's more!
  13. One of our Cpls was posted out of the troop within the first couple of weeks for rapping some guys over the knuckles with a baton. It wasnt hard and they were late for pde. It seemed a bit harsh posting him out, thats when the Army started changing and getting softer, just look at recruits now!!!!!
  14. Anyone remember the Educator bint called Catriona XXXXXX who was a keen horserider and spent hours in the stables?
  15. Yes M8 lookked a right dirty f****r. I Remember trying to get from the Regimental Trg wing to the Gym in 5 mins.Impossible, then getting :oops: beasted :oops: for having different coloured tops on.