Best/Worst BARB results.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by super_stab69, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Hey, any stories about the worst ape to sit one? Or any genius level results for RLC cooks?.
  2. I got 62 which i though wasnt that bad. I applyed for the RE. Just gotta wait untill i go for selection.
  3. I got 69 and im am reme tech
  4. 2 girls I was at college with were that mince they failed to even get the infantry result!
  5. I think you should resit the test!!
  6. I thought for the Infantry you only had to spell your name right!?!
  7. Trust me, these two were the thickest pairs of mongs you could ever have the displeasure of meeting.
  8. The worst I've seen is a girl who was in basic training with me who got 15, I've never met anybody (infantry or otherwise) get any lower. That girl was joining the SPS.
  9. Way back in 1994 I got 87. I joined the infantry too. Believe me fellas (and girlies) being infantry is not just for thickets. I know plenty of infantry bods who are far smarter than I. Unfortunately, I should balance that point by saying I have met some people who arent particularly clever too.

    So lets not get too snooty about your BARB test score eh.
  10. The problem we have is that a job is more than just a BARB score. I'm serving with the RMP which has a high score required to get in, however what the BARB test does not test is common sense and you'd be amazed at the amount of people who can ace the problems set out in the BARB test but find it difficult to tie their own shoe laces.
  11. Lowest score is 26 for infantry and 60 is the highest for RMP but then obviously you need MAQ's, TST ect for lts of the tech jobs.

    In my time of recruiting we did have one lad who got 5, 11 and finally 17 and his brother wasnt much better. The highest i personnally know of got 83 but another recruiter i spoke to says he had a 87. As said this does not measure common sense and if a thickie like me can get 72 then theres hope for everyone, there wasnt the BARB in 87 when i went through. Even though the booklet looks easy a bit of advice for everyone is read through and practice, practice , practice as it can change your life if you dont get high enough.
  12. A typical example of the common sense aspect of this, I went through basic training with a guy who got 79 on his BARB Test.

    This guy could clear even the most cryptic of crosswords in a matter of minutes, his brain was programmed to think logic all the time. Really intelligent guy.

    However his fingers were always burned and blistered because when he did his ironing he would test to see if the iron was hot enough by placing his hand on it. You would think that after the first time he burned his fingers he would learn his lesson but not this fellow, I saw him do it 6 times in basic training, each time followed by a sprint to the ablutions to place his hand under a tap.

    BARB Tests really are the best way to test a persons intelligence.
  13. i got 69 in my barb and have just passed selection today, the jobs i chose at first were signals but im gna ask my careers guy if i can change them to infantry next time i speak to him.
  14. Welcome to the 69 club, thats what I got.
  15. i got an 83 and i am awaiting selection!!!!
    does any one know if the RMP have to do the TST?