Best/Worse Provo Staff

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jackson_boot, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if there is already a thread but looked and couldn't find it, chatting about them today at work about some provo staff and thought i'd start this thread.
    The worst provo Sgt i have ever come across was in Paderborn when i was attached to RTR in 1999, i was a cpl at the time and at 14:00 on a saturday in july, 35 degrees and i get turned back from the gate on my way out of camp for wearing shorts and not trousers, argued with him for twenty minutes until he threatened to lock me up. what a knob jockey.
    anyone one else want to share knobber provo stories?
  2. Think you need counselling, 1999, shorts, get over it!
  3. My Provo actually isn't too bad in all fairness. He's a dick obviously, but he's fair.

    Then again, we are medics so we're all soft.
  4. Bdr "Patch" at JLRRA 1991-2,to be fair there were a few sadistic little hitlers as RP staff there,who were probably scared of their own shadow back in their regts,but give them a tape and slap them into a juniors unit beasting spotty little 16 yr olds,theyre suddenly Nails..but patch in my opinion outshone the rest when it came to instilling fear!! that man could be heard all round camp,beasting some poor poor b*stard!,we just cringed and realised how lucky we were it wasnt our i say,different game in Regt! are all provo staff power crazy spineless cnuts,who couldnt pass a bft back in regt?????...fcuk knows?..
  5. 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Minden 89-93, they RP Staff were people to be scared of.
  6. There was a formidable Provost team at Guards Depot in the very early 90's. The Provost Sgt was a big horrible fucker of an Irish Guardsman called Noble, and he had a side-kick Coldstream LSgt who liked to take miscreants into the exercise yard out back and 'spar' with them. He'd take his brassard off of his arm so that you were both equal in rank and then administer a good kicking.
  7. I've been waiting for a thread such as this!

    Sgt Stanley J. O. - from a certain Eastern European 'cuntry.' A civilian copper when I was in grade school - I took an immediate dislike to him then! - who eventually became a sergeant through what is widely believe to be blackmail of city officials. Pumped-up bag of shite, arrogant, smoker of cheap cigars that would gag a maggot and backstabber of his own officers.

    Another sergeant had suicided by gunshot to the head. A couple of days later O. was walking through the station tossing the spent bullet up and catching it in his hand. "Hey! Wanna see the bullet that killed Sgt L.?"

    "Yes, I do. I know some folks who reload. Let's get the slug recast and reloaded and see if it will penetrate YOUR fucking skull."


    "You think about it. Sooner or later it will get through to you." He left a trail of putrid cigar smoke on the way to his cave. Bastard.

    I should add ~~~I~~~ was not on the police department payroll, but the communications department.

    At an annual retirement do one year, an officer I knew from another agency walked up and said he hadn't known I work at [city] and did I know Sgt O.?

    "Oh, yes. I certainly do."

    "Well, he and I served in the Military Police together."

    O. had landed a posh job riding the troop trains up and down the Pacific Coast and making himself a pain in the arse to the troops headed into the Pacific to face death and the Japanese.

    I just couldn't resist asking, "Was he stick happy?"

    "Oh, yes. He'd beat the stuffing out of anyone for any reason or for no reason. If he found someone he disliked [that would be most of the human race] he would demand to see their papers then throw them out the window and handcuff the soldier."

    "That's what I thought. I'm surprised some of the troops didn't wait for him between cars, stuff that stick up his ass and throw him from the train in the mountains. There's a chance he never would have been found and countless generations of people wouldn't have had to put up with him."

    He looked shocked that anyone could feel that way about his old Army bud.


    O. has been dead for years and I still get elevated blood pressure thinking about him.
  8. I think it was the wrong thread and you have just ND'd. .
  9. As Lance Corporals you would do a six month detachment onto the RP Staff.
    I got promoted from Guardsman in Jan 1980 and ended up as a Provo in April. Did my six months and rejoined my company.
    My view (as a fairly young L/Cpl) was that you could either spend six months being a twat to people or be a little more canny.
    I chose canny.
    There was one eejit who started his six months at the same time as me. He was such a bully that he had to stay longer than six months. Too many people in the Rifle Companies were waiting for him.
    Three years later we were returning from a tour in South Armagh. There he was on the gate. RP brassard "Just so"
    Arrogant medal dodging little cunt.
  10. Billy "B" the most scary man in the world to a JLR at Bovey! He took pride in abusing us on a Saturday moring parade. Thats the parade that was go to Bournmouth for the day or go to Jail for the day!
    Will never forget him :-(
  11. In HCMR in the late 90's we had a CoH we used to call "The Victorian 3 bar" he came up with the idea that prisoners should wash on carbolic soap and use powered toothpaste! Even offered to pay for it out if his own money at one point I'm sure!
  12. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    WTF is Billy B , Norman (Daddy) Hales was the legend of fear in my time,
  13. All the meatheads I ever came across were fine with me.Never any bother.Was I just lucky?

    However there was one at The H4H Rugby at Twickers that made me smile.Motorcycle type,all black leathers and the best bit - the handcuffs strapped to his ankle.
  14. Cpl Billy Bicker"""""""" If my old mind remembers right he was QRIH!
  15. Can't remember the Coldstreamer, but Noble, feck me, oh yes, I remember him even 22+ years later.