Best woodland DPM smock for HOT & HUMID climates

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Bruv, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys, I have been searching and looking for answer for the best suitable smock in
    woodland DPM for hot and humid weather. I know it would be best to just wear a shirt but I much prefer the features of a smock, i.e. with a roll-up hood, waist and hem draw strings etc.

    With the different materials like Ripstop, Gabardine and Goretex/ MVP, all claimed to be breathable but which smock would be the lightest and "thinnest", suitable for very hot/ Jungle climates?

    Would like some personal experiences with the different smocks available in british woodland DPM, MoD issue ones? brands like TacGEAR, Arktis etc..etc.. for those hot Tropical environments.

    Need you opinions Quick!!

    Much appreciated thanks.
  2. Hello Bruv,

    What you need is a HOT & HUMID smock NSN 5699-99-123-4567 (Basic price £45.74).

    Hope this helps.

    The British Army.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but don't seem to be able to locate of find the item with this NSN number?

    is the an official name for this smock?

  4. Giggle.

    I'd check that number
  5. You probably won't be able to find it- special issue to THEM, so all a bit sneaky-beaky
  6. OPSEC for FS

    Which them are we talking about? The Reg or THEEE Reg

    Something suitable for very hot/ Jungle climates?


    Jungle shirt maybe :)
  7. Try a tropical shirt or go for something from here Welcome to Special Air Sea Services don't be scared to phone them up a tell them what you want there customer service is second to none
  8. Woodland DPM is so last season.
  9. On a serious note, I foolishly took one of the original SAS windproofs off to Brunei with me. 15 minutes in that heat and humidity and the thing was soaking!

    Forget anything "goretex" because it wont work and just turn into a sauna.

    Wear a jungle shirt as others does exactly what it says on the tin!

  10. Thats what I am concerned about! thanks for the advise for NO "goretex".

    Jungle shirts sounds good, but I am really looking for the smock type. with the hood and drawstrings :(...

    btw, anyone got thoughts for the Arktis smocks? the unlined ones - which the company claims to be worn in hot climates.

  11. Wind up posts aside, I would not use a smock in the jungle. With a shirt, you can tuck everything in to avoid all the nasties.

    The main aim of a smock is to trap air to insulate the body, you'll suffer in a hot and humid environment.

    However, it can get pretty cold in the jungle, have a look at a lightweight pertex top for the evenings.

    Montane Featherlite Montane Featherlite [MFL] - £35.74 : RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment

    Why does it have to be DPM? If you want the features of a Smock, look at buying a large Jungle Shirt then having mods sewn on. SASS will do this for you to a very high standard.

    In addition, think about getting two shirt/smocks modded up so you can use the tried and tested wet/dry routine, wearing a minging shirt/smock in the evening will be rubbish after a few days.....

    Arktis smocks are a bit noddy, the issue one is as good if not better, build quality has been a problem with some of their kit too. You will have overheating problems with them.
  12. Thanks for the advise, but their smocks seem to be a bit pricey... shall give them a ring though.
  13. Jungle shirt customized sounds good. as for the DPM, im just love the pattern really ;)
    but getting a one piece ready made smock was my intention... would the Ripstop smocks with "zip-open" under arm do the job?

    So Arktis are still having problems....I'll bare that in mind.
    Any ideas for the TacGear ones?

  14. side question about Jungle shirts, how does the Airtex (T-bag) fabric ones perform? Are they actually that much cooler in hot weather? I have seen comments of them being no so good, and rips easily?
  15. H3

    H3 LE

    Why not source a used Gabardine smock as that should be the thinnest and lightest ....... no point in doshing out a fortune as the clothing rots like feck after 6 weeks in that climate ...... well it did back in 1992 !!!! Enjoy the Hard routine Ex's .