Best Whorehouse Ever

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Ronnie8781, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Lets see where the best whorehouse ever is?? Give an overall mark out of 10 on location, looks of women, price, and quality of service.
    I would still say oh la las at Hohne 7/10.
  2. It has to be the female block at Antrim.
  3. Solid_Shot wrote

    when was the last time you were in antrim fella, i left two years ago & there was nothing much worth a squirt then :p :p
  4. I can give you one of the worst:

    Miami Beach Int'l
    Based on:
    Location- Pristina near Station 4 (if I remember correctly)
    Quality of talent - v. ugly moldovans and other assorted ex-Soviet bloc dregs, all with very bad teeth
    Quality of Service - Shiite, partially cause it got shot up one evening by KLA types
  5. Los Lagos, just over the border from Gib in Spain!!
    Highly recommended.....Apparently

  6. From a personal point of view, the one just opposite the main gate of Sennelager Camp holds some precious memories for me. Only a week after arriving in Germany as a wide-eyed and bushy-tailed 19 year old I spit-roasted a gigantic thing in there with the help of an even younger and sproggier bloke...

    On the other end of the scale I once ended up with a Croatian whore whilst on OSD in Zagreb. Not one of the sex-club beauties but one that I stupidly picked up off the street. Christ knows why as she only had half a nose. Binned it long before I shot when I noticed that hanging on the wall by the bed was a framed picture of what appeared to be her two lovely kids. Had to scourge myself for a week for being a heartless squaddie b*stard after that one :D
  7. im in antrim now and its still p*** poor
  8. obviously alot of you are worried about your wives/mothers/friends reading these threads.
    lets have a serious rating thread for whore houses the world over.
    1. 32's in osnabruck- after payday-4/10 end of month-8/10
    2. main whorehouse block in kiel germany-10/10
    3. ambassadors in birmingham 5/10
    4. cassonova club- 7/10 (i will let you all guess where that little beauty is)
  9. Yes... they say
  10. :D :D Officer's mess at the Echlon MWMPH 83/84. Bless them for being so understanding :lol: :lol:

    And thankyou for the fast posting SSM :twisted: :twisted:

  11. Gonna have to paint a picture of los lagos as to be honest it deserves it really

    A purpose built knocking shop in the shape of a large hotel with massive disco/bar on the bottom floor

    Security comes in the form of the local coppers who man the doors in uniform (on the cheap apparently)

    The ladies are a seriously cosmopolitan bunch, all flavours available, there are about 40 birds on the go at any time.

    The bar is cheap and there is NO entry fee!!

    The birds don't give you a hard time (Unless you want it) alot of the blokes just go to drink and look (even touching the wares for free in the bar)

    An exceptional place, should I be unfortunate enough to have to organise another stag do I would have it in Gib and arrange cross bordr taxis for sure

    The Gimp
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Pleasure House, Singapore.

    Choice of totty - 8/10
    Quality of totty - 7/10
    Chances of appearing in a movie without being informed - 10/10 8)
  13. Overall best The Eden Club in Bangkok.

    Must take a minimum of 2 girls but can take as many more as you like or bring your own to add to the fun. The girls all get it on with each other so for best results pick one and let her pick the other(s). The girls are not all the best lookers Thailand has to offer but have great attitudes. The girls line up either side of a yellow line with those on one side being Brunswicks while the others only take it in two holes. You then select your equipment (dildos, vibrators etc), any uniforms you prefer (schoolgirl, nurse, air hostess ... sheepskin) and any background videos. Head off to large reasonable rooms watch them put on a show to set the right ambience then pretty much anything your imagination can come up with.

    Get plenty of rest and take your vitamins before you go !!

    Obviously all this is only through hearsay
  14. Am presuming this would be over at Geylang...? Alternatively you could always just phone for a "take-out" :D The Yellow Pages over here in S'pore is akin to thumbing through a thrash mag somedays :!:

  15. Is it still owned by the "Frenchman"...?