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Apologies if this has been raised before - I did a quick search. I'm throwing myself on the collective wisdom and experience of ARRSE here! I've just taken redundancy from the CS in order to set myself up as self-employed, and one of the things I need to do is to get myself an online presence. It'll only be a very simple website, as I won't be selling things online (not yet at least, although that might come in the future) - just the ability to upload pictures and audio files, e-mail forwarding, and a template-based system would be useful, cos I don't want to spend loads of time messing around with HTML when I could be working on the business.

I've been doing a bit of looking around at places like HostPapa etc which look good at first glance, but for every site I look at, a bit more research throws up so many negative reviews! Does anyone have any experience of good hosts - or ones to avoid? UK-based preferred but not essential.

Any help appreciated!
I've used 3ix for my websites for years
They're based somewhere out in cyberworld but I've never had a problem.

Cheap too.
I've been using BT to host a business website for several years now - good reliable service and excellent tech support.

One to avoid though - I used to use a company called Netbenefit (who came highly recommended at the time). They were very good to start with but ran into trouble and got taken over. Service and tech support dive bombed to abysmal. Ditched them as soon as we could.

Thanks gents - useful stuff. I'd been looking at iPage, but BT does look interesting. DMan, many thanks for the kind offer, but it's something I'd like to create and manage myself: hence the preference for a template-based system.
I use justhost....have'n't had many problems....but I did buy an IP address from them, they had a crash and changed my IP address without telling me, so my websites went down. I asked what was the point in buying if they were going to change it and change it without telling me. They just told me it had to change. So basically it is run by amateurs, but generally there are some good deals.

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