Best Webbing System?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by magicgrotter, May 19, 2009.

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  1. I need to invest in new webbing for UK training. Chest rigs etc are not accepted, therefore rather than use the issued PLCE which has caused me no end of bother in the past i don'tmind forking out for something decent. Any ideas?
  2. I hear the search tool calling :wink:

    I also hear that jayjays do a natty set or two for a fair few quid (£100 ish?)
    what's up with the issued stuff? Your webbing is what you make it isn't it?
  3. What i thought. In the past i have used 58, numerous chest rigs, issued "COP" type vests and PLCE. Aside from Ops, where they issue you Assault Vests, on Ex's im starting to go back to normal webbing. Sort out what pouches you want and get it nice and tight, its fine.
  4. Ive got that new Dragon Systems webbing, you know, the gucci airborne one. It RRP's at £120 and is said to be the best webbing system around and is made to the exact requirements needed for OP tours. However, since i bought it i have found it to be a complete ball ache for tabbing with. Due to the pouches being sewn on to the hip pads it is a 'one size fits all' deal. There is also some extra pouches stuck onto the front of both sets of ammo pouch, and one one on the belt which is inconveniant as it digs into the left leg whilst walking. So, my advice is dont go there, stick with the issued stuff as you can add/subtract whatever pouches you want and can basically modify it to whatever your needs are in a really small amount of time.

    What type of training will you be doing for these 'UK OPS'? Maybe if you told us what it was then we could help you sort your webbing out into an effective system.
  5. i dont think he means UK Ops.. i think he just means training in the UK, as supposed to fighting not in the UK.

    UK Ops generally requires only a daysack... that's our thing.

    But I'd say PLCE. badly setup PLCE gives you hassle, not the PLCE itself. I find once it's set up right it's a winner, and if you're anything other than the 'perfect size' for things like the aforementioned Dragon sets etc; they're even worse because you can't take pouches off to make them fit.
  6. Ha, only in my dreams would we be fighting in the UK but where and against whom is not for me to say, yet!!!

    To me, UK OPS is based on search and rescue scenarios and really only requires full IPE and respirator, whereas you say your only requires a daysack.
  7. Guys, thanks for your responses so far. My issued PLCE is in a right state in terms of the pouch fixings IE not staying shut when i've shut them. Tried to exchange but was met with the standard 'there's nothing wrong with it, get on with it' response. In addition i feel that once wet the fixings become even more unpredictable and simply too much hassle.
    Have looked at the Dragon stuff and it did take my fancy, but given your comments re tabbing etc may hold fire given that i'm an infanteer.
    I see from previous formums that Troopers may deal with some decent stuff, do they have a website?
    Other than that came across an ebay site called Contact Left... any feedback on these?
  8. Would it not be cheaper to buy a new PLCE pouch or two... Or if you're fancy a few male/female clips and have them sewn on. Job done.

    PLCE is good kit.
  9. If they say it's fine then break the plastic buckle, then it's definitely fit for exchange.
  10. Admit it. You just want cool new none issue webbing.

    Spend it on beer man!
  11. La Senza do a good bit of webbing.
  12. 3 options on this one.

    1) to exchange with the QM, wait til after the next field exercise and physically remove the lower ring from the webbing by means of leatherman. then it'll get replaced.

    2) to get pouch closures that work better, replace the ammo pouches with nothing more than a rectangular fabric strip. The top 3rd of the strip attaches to the lid of the pouch, the middle third is velcro backed and velcros to the velcro you stitch on below the pouch closure, and the bottom 3rd is not attached to anything (or poppered if you like). I leave mine free because I can grab it quick. any militiary tailor will do this for you, and it'll make them really nice to use. FOR the utility / water bottle pouches, fit male and female QR clips instead, a la every-other-brand-of-webbing. They're still easy to use but stay shut a lot better, and dont get wet as they're plastic! again.. mil tailor should do it.

    3) buy Vanguard's pouches. they fit on PLCE and are designed much better.

    used them for a model kit and it was a rip off. a mate bought their mine finding kit and said it was crap. aside from that, dunno.
  13. what about highlander ive got a highlander pouch with a duraflex buckle on my plce the only problem with duraflex buckles is you cant open them quickly

  14. So do Ann Summers
  15. Get soft velcro sewn all over your smock (not the back through :roll: ) and then add spikey velcro to each magazine.