Best ways to spend a Saturday night

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aunty Stella, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. OK,

    today I find myself in the following situation, and yes, I am bragging because I feel pretty damn good.

    Honeywell, that huououoge American company that happens to be one of my suppliers gave me a freebie. This freebie was a waterproof keyboard cover for my laptop. That bit is dull but it does mean that I can perch the laptop on the chair in the bathroom and watch p0rn, surf the internet etc whilst I am in the bath.

    I recently had a jacuzzi bubble blowing thingy put into the bath as well, a double sized bath as I like to a) get the Doris in and b) lounge around without feeling like I am in a coffin.

    So, the missus gets back tonight after visiting the dragon in law, kids are knackered so they go to bed, I hit the bath as the OH wants to watch the Sky +'d X Factor. I am lounging in the bath watching a DVD of "Seven" (yep, seen it before, no ending to ruin) and missus brings me 4 more Stellas and then proceeds to blow me in the bath. Upon finishing the only evidence is a few globs of tadpoles floating in the bath water, but, being mashed by the jacuzzi, they are soon seperated and have gone their own lonely ways.

    She has now gone downstairs to watch the results or some other such girly bollocks and I am left here drained, drunk, watching DVD's in the bath and now have wrinkly feet and more Stella to look forward to.

    Can a Saturday get any better?
  2. 4 Regt was never so good.
  3. Yes, definitely!

    Is your missus free now???
  4. Yeah, that could had happened for real and not just in your imagination!
  5. Did she take her teeth out?
  6. What? The one called Carla but was born Karl... :twisted:
  7. You jammy git. It's mine and missus' anniversary next saturday, so will attempt a challenge then!
  8. You are quite welcome to ring me if you want, I'll splash around, get the missus to shout hello and you can listen to my sweet, sweet bubbles.

    If you could go that step further and indulge my fantasy of having phone sex with an old man after she has gone, I'd be even happier.

    PM me you number and I'll call you from my watery cum diluted bubble bath. I really, really will. Grey hair just does it for me.
  9. Oh God make it stop! The cnuts grooming me!!!

    Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 12:07 am
    From: Aunty Stella
    To: Airfix

    And I'm not joking

    I am drunk and content enough to ring you, just send the number and listen to my bubbles and bird. I may even crack a Stella open for you
  10. You missed the rest out.

    I did mention that having the jacuzzi bubbles and water stream blowing into my sphincter was very pleasing, and that talking to a grey haired old man whilst receiving my own diluted sperm up my mangina may give me an orgasm so large that it could cause another tsunami.

    I await my call with baited balls.
  11. You'll starve there and be prune wrinkly before that one happens.... :p
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'I recently had a jacuzzi bubble blowing thingy put into the bath as well'

    admit it... you mean you had beans for tea didnt you?
  13. :!: Does this mean that he MAY eventually get to the stage where he is accepting offers from other blokes?

    Personally I'm up for it as feeling a hard member sliding inside me is joy itself.