Best ways to prepare for Int. corps selection

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MissingUsername, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Hello all,

    I've recently submitted my army application and am beginning preparation for ADSC and Phase 1. However, I would also like to begin training for Int. corps selection that is held at Chicksands after ADSC. Whilst information on Int. corps selection is largely non-existent, I have discovered some very basic information from the lovely people manning the live chat on the British army website!

    I am particularly interested in ways to prepare for the current affairs test, as well as the other tests that will be given. Any information pertaining to the two exercises that will be conducted would also be greatly appreciated.

    I'd love to hear anything else that might be useful!

  2. Read some news papers
    Find some way of suspending yourself upside down while sleeping, like a bat does.
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  3. Sorting that out at the mo'. I'm also on the lookout for some decent news websites. I've got the obvious ones sorted, but any you think might help would be great, especially those focusing on defense.

    Bringing that back in are they? Health and safety must be slipping...
  4. Brush up on your powerpoint skills.....
    Read good quality news especially good foriegn news
  5. *stunned*

    I would suggest sudoko classes, with occasional rock-climbing for variety.

    some swear by Tai Chi, but I am a bit of a traditionalist.
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  6. I'm more of a Kung Fu man, but only on Saturday nights.
  7. I believe the selectors are particularly interested in how lubricated you are... KY is ideal.
  8. Be aware, be alert, have an opinion on things if you have enough information to be entitled to one, be yourself. They know what they're looking for and will have no trouble seeing if you have it, or in seeing it if you don't.
  9. Yanks might struggle with entry to the British Army.
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  10. Why would you read defence news? They're not going to test you on the ins and outs of the SDSR or naval procurement.
    Just read newsnow or the beeb when you get the chance; it's not something to get worked up about or even "prepare" for.
    As for the exercises, why would you think anyone would tell you about them? Defeats the object of it being a test, really.

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  11. Yeah, maybe. But I'll learn about them anyway, just to be safe.

    People always let on. But hey, maybe it's different in the army world.
  12. Do you put the milk in first?
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  13. The current recruitment WO is a good man, he's not the type who is into trying into trying to catch you out. Just be honest & don't bullshit him. However, I would be interested to know just how many roll ups and cups of coffee that 'Dot Cotton' gets through when you are there! :)

    As for current affairs, there are the obvious news sites (BBC, Sky, CNN etc) which have already been mentioned. News new is a good site as well. For hard copy newspapers have a look at the quality dailys (Telegraph, Times, Independent, Guardian etc). They all have their particular slant on a subject, which will help give you a rounded picture. Don't rely on just one media outlet and stay away from the Daily Mail.... If you have a strong opinion or have come to a conclusion about a particular topic, then make sure that you can back it up with fact. Do not guess, if you don't know then say so.

    At least one reply on this thread has suggested reading the Int Corps recruitment stickies. If you have not already done this then I would strongly recommend doing so. You will find what you need to know about the ins and outs of the selection process there.

    Oh and don't get drunk and into trouble while you are at Chicksands - save that for phase 2!
  14. Relax. Always remember. They let Gladys, WB, AoS, CR and any other number of freaks oddballs and downright wierdos in. Oh yeah and me as well.

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