BEST way to strengthen wrists? (no rude comments ta!)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by megandavisbutler, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys i really need to strengthen my wrists for pressups etc has anyone got any good ideas apart from wrist grips and male orientated exercises??? :p
  2. Fingering your nan.

  3. ergh my nan...ergh.....just ergh....
  4. form a fist and do marine pressups, may only get a few in each time, but will strengthen your wrist for the sissy ones
  5. Soak your wrists in a mix of horse urine and vinegar, works a treat. Old soldiers trick and don't forget to drink the mix, helps from the inside then.

    trust me I was an armourer.
  6. Punching a heavy bag is good. Build up slowly.
  7. Just make sure she doesn't hit you back!
  8. Seconded, can also try the squeezable hand grips you can get in most sports shop or sit on a gym bench with a bar bell with your wrists resting on your knees, then in a slow and controlled manner move your wrists up and down. Do this about three times a week and your wrist and forearms will get much stronger. If this explanation doesnt make sense try googling wrist curls.
  9. Buy a Nintendo Wii.
  10. ditto


    they are the bollocks!!!!
  11. Exactly what problem do you have with your wrists? If they are painful it may be due to flexibility.
  12. its only one wrist at the mo I have just had a ganglion removed (bout month ago) although I do have unflexible wrists
  13. Power ball i have skinny/weak wrists and i brought a powerball and ive noticed a difference.
  14. i damaged ligaments in my right wrist not so long ago, physio got me on the sponge balls doing pulses, and also a wide piece of elastic tied to a door handle, elbow in tight and jerk your wrist away from the door (which provides resistance) whilst keeping your forearm still, that did a great job speeding up the healing process for me.

    hope it helps.