BEST way to strengthen wrists? (no rude comments ta!)

form a fist and do marine pressups, may only get a few in each time, but will strengthen your wrist for the sissy ones
Soak your wrists in a mix of horse urine and vinegar, works a treat. Old soldiers trick and don't forget to drink the mix, helps from the inside then.

trust me I was an armourer.
Punching a heavy bag is good. Build up slowly.
Pork_Pie said:
Punching a heavy bag is good. Build up slowly.
Just make sure she doesn't hit you back!
B_G_L said:


holding a (light) dumbell and twisting your wrist and build up from that.
Seconded, can also try the squeezable hand grips you can get in most sports shop or sit on a gym bench with a bar bell with your wrists resting on your knees, then in a slow and controlled manner move your wrists up and down. Do this about three times a week and your wrist and forearms will get much stronger. If this explanation doesnt make sense try googling wrist curls.
Power ball i have skinny/weak wrists and i brought a powerball and ive noticed a difference.
i damaged ligaments in my right wrist not so long ago, physio got me on the sponge balls doing pulses, and also a wide piece of elastic tied to a door handle, elbow in tight and jerk your wrist away from the door (which provides resistance) whilst keeping your forearm still, that did a great job speeding up the healing process for me.

hope it helps.

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