Best way to shrink a beret?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ex_donkey_man, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi, after a bit of getting my ar$e in gear, I'm helping the British Legion out with poppies / Rememberance Sunday this year. However, I've been out 10 years and not exactly sure where my original beret is (If I still have it). I have bought another cap badge and have what I think is a spare beret. But like most 10 years after leaving, I seem to have substancially less hair than when I was in! So I need to shrink the beret I have at it migth be tricky getting hold of another in the next month.

    I've already cut the lining out, which has made a difference, but are there any other ways to reduce or shrink the material? I remember something about dipping it in hot then cold water, but now I'm older and wiser I don't see how this works!

    Any help would be good, I don't want to make a mockary of my Regt or the Legion come the end of October when we start selling poppies!


  2. I think, based on attending numerous Remembrance Services on a perfectly good day off that the current method adopted by Standard Bearers works a treat. I think it involves passing the beret round the chimps enclosure at Monkey World for 2 weeks and then wet shaping it over an antique globe.

    For the full effect wear massive specs, develop a wall eye and ensure you practice and perfect the saluting style of a Gambian Colonel.
  3. you could just make your head bigger?

    Failing that, use the search function and find the other 73 threads about shrinking berets? ;)

    Hold/cold water, then shrink. Wring out, let it dry on your head whilst you watch TV. Then shave (your beret), oh, take it off 1st.

    I do prefer JR3s options though.
  4. I wrapped mine into a suasage shape, held it in place with rubber bands, let it soak in water for a bit and then took it out and left it to dry.
    Unfortunately mu old Mum helped it along by placing it on a hot radiator and it shrunk so much that it ended up looking like a Jewish kapel, the headgear jewish guys wear.
  5. Lob it in the washing machine* in a pillow case or in a sock. Mine goes in at least once a month - the joys of working covered in carbon & oil with a light coloured beret.

    * Remember to take out before you lob everything else in the tumble dryer :)
  6. Come on CC the tumbler dryer will at least shrink it :D and fairly quickly as well

  7. Give it to the Labour Party in an envelope marked 'Britain's Economy.'
  8. New Beret.

    1. Make sure reasonable fit - place on head.
    2. Fill Kettle with water
    3. Boil kettle and get a bowl big enough to submerge beret.
    4. Fill sink with cold water
    5. Being careful not to burn fingers plunge beret into boiling water
    6. Keep in water for a couple of minuets.
    7. Plunge beret into cold water and keep submerged for a couple of mins.
    8. Repeat process.
    9. Place on head and shape to perfection.
    10. Keep on head for a couple of hours whilst drying and then leave to stand until dry at room temperature.


    Enjoy :-0
  9. I still wonder how people forget what is essentially taught on day 1 week 1 in phase 1
  10. I found lobbing it in the washing machine works too, although sadly wearing TOS now rather than a beret

  11. Therein lies the TA never does happen, it's even worse up here with the TOS, up until the Scots formed each infantry unit shaped their TOS a certain way, now it has to be ala beret and the fact that a lot of other arms now wear the TOS with no idea of how to shape it .........
  12. Shocking ! - That explains why so many of them look like helicopter lending pads. You never see a Royal Marine or Para in a sh1t beret do you. Nor anyone in the Royal Artillery? - a good sharp knife edge on top is best !

    it's all done to pride and standards !
  13. I seem to remember that Silvermans used to sell somewhat pre-shrunk berets.

    Haven't been down there for twenty years or so, so I can't tell you if they're still on the Mile End Road in London.
  14. Isn't that the approach upon the young subaltern finding his place in "certain" regiments as he nears the end of his tenure at Sandhurst?
  15. X59

    X59 LE

    Yep, still there in the East end of Londonistan.

    Can't comment on what they're selling tho.