Best way to properly clean the mk6 Helmet

Does anyone know the best way to clean the mk6 helmet? Is it a case of just chucking it in warm soapy water and giving it a scrub or should it be disassembled and bits washed individualy?

sorry for the stupid question... would it be to much to ask not to recieve stupid answers?

Take it to bits and you'll have a b1tch of a time getting it back together. I take the cover off and lob it in the washing machine, same for the chinstrap; soap and water for the helmet itself. I've never seen the need to tempt fate by taking the leather pads out; I just dip the whole thing in soapy water, wipe with a cloth then use the shower to rinse it off and allow to dry.

Put the cover back on when it's still damp; makes it easier to fit on so it doesn't need tape or bits of rubber to keep it on.
It its that bad go to the QMs and get a helmet liner replacement kit. There easy to fit
Never clean it! You want to look ally, don't you?

once the leather is wet, don't try to dry it quickly ie radiators or drying room. Just hang it up in the window.

I found the best way was to clean it was to bang it against somthing hard... like the Indian washerwomen bang their washing against rocks on the riverside.
Like mentioned before, I just put washing powder on a scrubbing brush, give it a scrub then rinse in the shower, works a treat

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