Best way to pad a helmet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wg100, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. I'm fed up with the stupid string - well more specifically with the knot - in the top of my helmet digging in to my head.
    Aside from not wearing the helmet - which isn't very practical where I am... What methods can be recommended to pad out the top?

    I'm aware of the FFD in the top, but with the amount of sweat I'm likely to put into it I don't really fancy it getting up and walking away by itself one day... Also aware of the ammo box foam packaging - however this is pretty hard stuff and quite uncomfortable for prolonged wear.

    I'm aware of the new Mk6a helmet which is currently in production, but am unlikely to see it during this tour. The mesh inner is ideal - any ideas of anything similar?

  2. The padding stuff that come's in the amo box is quite nifty.

    T C
  3. If you get the chance to go to an american PX they sell a foam donut ring pad for their own helmets that fits inside ours soft, gentle and hardwearing.
    Got mine in Iraq/ Kuwait in 2003 still giving sterling service - fully recomended (could try a web search I guess for same)

  4. There's a proper mod, which comes in the form of a mesh pad that sits on the top of your shward and is also adjustable. Much more comfortable than the string. Ask your CQMS for one - they're available through the system.

    You must maintain an 'air gap' between your head and the outer shell of the helmet, otherwise it won't protect you from blast or impact and will rattle your grey matter a lot and probably kill you when the sh1t hits the fan.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Used it in my Fritz Kevlar helmet, saved me from a lot of bumps while riding a M-113A1 through the field. As stated before, will probably work with the Mk6 helmets you guys use.
    you can find it here
    and maybe here as well, probably cheaper
    cheapo solution: get some EVA foam (medium hardness), cut a8 8 inch circle out of it, poke a center hole (some friends of mine that were issued with steel pots -M1 NATO- did that as well with good results)
    and line it with cotton (I used an old t shirt for my "issue donut"-issue donut, that sounds really american, doesn'it it ;) - ) so I change the "lining" whenever it starts to smell.
    Just my 0.02 pence.
  6. i have been using the issue jungle hat/ desert pattern depending on what deployment you are on which sits perfectly inside the helmet, if it smells you just bung it in the wash.
  7. I use the FFD and a issue sweat rag! Works well for me, but after reading Adjutant's comments may re-think that one!!
  8. the foam from inside a chair works well nice and soft :wink:
  9. I had to change my helmet whilst on Telic earlier this year, and the new one had the adjustable mesh pad mentioned above. I have to say it is a lot more comfortable.
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I use a headover type thing i got from a px. Cant remember for the life of me what it is called, but through some folding it makes quite a good sweat absorber/cushion type thing. And yank readers got any idea what it is called?
  11. I use the foam padding from inside an ammo box but with lots of holes cut in it, giving a sort of waffle effect. Very comfy and lets the air circulate.
  12. Any chance of an NSN?
  13. oh no not this old chestnut

    :safe: .........I use a condom
  14. The last time I wore one it was made of metal with a little spike inside at the top that had a fitted sort of plastically framework with bits of foam rubber, inside. Also "cap comforters" anyone remember them? Goodness knows how the b*ggers wore them in N. Africa during THAT (2nd) war!! Happy days!
  15. if you can ever get to a army surplus store that sell helmets rob one of the leather helmet pads that they put in our issue helmets there are 2 sizes long & thin or small & wide. try to get the small & wide padcut a few holes in it & it does a cracking job & can be washed. used it for a bout 6 years now works fine for me