Best way to lug equipment around?

I've got enough equipment now that I can't just carry it from my car to a location in one trip.

A lot of the time I walk into the forest with a model and it may be 30 minutes of hiking before we find that perfect spot.

In the old days this wasn't a problem, as I just shot with one small strobe and lightstand and I tethered them to my sling bag.

I bought a portable battery this week and for my next shoot I'd like to bring the big guns, my bigger heavier strobes and two 13' light stands and large modifiers.

SO how the hell am I going to get all that gear from the car where we park to the shoot, (wherever we decide that will be) ?

Just looking for ideas.

It's just me I don't have an assistant.

I've seen people use sleds but that's pretty ghetto.

Get your model to carry it. Tell her that the last one who refused is still in the forest.
Alternatively, shoot indoors against a landscape backdrop. You don't look at the mantelpiece when you're poking the fire, do you?
If the model is female, attractive and gets her kit off im sure a few ARRSERS wouldn't mind carrying your kit if your in the are a must though as some of the ARSSERS on her are picky....they also have to know if she is breathing.

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