Best way to Hohne?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by FNUSNU, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm taking my car and family to Hohne, leaving fron Hull. Is it best to go to Zeebrugge or Rotterdam?
    Also where can we get the best deals, forces travel?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Are you sure you're in Int?

    you didn't know the address where you were posted to, and you don't know how to get there?????
  3. At the Hook of Holland - turn left.
  4. When the section you're supposed to be going to tells you they're not expecting you and there's been a mistake, it does leave you in the dark, though it was sorted eventually. As for the travel, I've never done the journey before, so it makes sense to ask others that have.
  5. Car and ferry is probably the best way alright coz its one hell of a swim and walk lol :D Happy new Year
  6. Ok son. Step 1. Buy a map. Work out your route. Then choose the best port to go to. Remember to tape your headlights and drive on the right.
  7. I will resist the jokes...

    I will resist the jokes...

    If you start in Hull, the best way IMHO is to take the ferry to Rotterdam or Hamburg. Hamburg would be my choice, although I haven't googled the journey, because Hohne is less than two hours away. Rotterdam to Hohne isn't a trip that I have tried (it must be circa 6 hrs?). If you travel that way, try to avoid the Ruhr area at rush hour - it isn't a good experience. Most of the autobahns have been improved in the last few years, so you should be able to cruise at 70mph the whole way (except where indicated)!

    Make certain you have the necessary insurances and paperwork, AA recovery, patches for your lights. If the car is full, read up about tyre pressures, and get the car serviced. Have regular breaks at the raststatten.

    Make certain that you have checked the map and that you know where you are heading. Bergen-Belsen is a few klicks (kms) from Bergen which is north of Celle - which is north of Hannover. "Ausfahrt" is not the name of a very large city - it's an exit sign!

    Once off the autobahns, make certain that you understand the priority signs. And if you go via Hamburg, the trams have absolute priority.

    And drive on the right, BTW.

    Enjoy the land of cheap benzin!

  8. Bollox go Harwich to the Hook, longer driving admittedly but less ferry time. 4 hours across then 4 hours on one road all the way to Hannover, if you follow the signs correctly.
  9. Why not go hardcore, Dover-Callais, turns boys into men!
  10. I find that holding my steel vertical and drawing my knife blade across it at a 20 degree angle...................oh, sorry, I missed the second aitch.
  11. Subtle ...but funny.
  12. Is there a ferry to Hamburg from Hull. It would cut down on driving time the otherside.
  13. If I were you i'd use a route finder to get here, but whatever you do make sure you get the right Hohne! Its the one near Bergen! I get the Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry and it take about 5 hrs to get to Hohne form Amsterdam.
  14. There is no longer a ferry crossing to Hamburg!
  15. Shame. I remember (just about) getting pissed up on the 24hr crossing, spending hours in the casino. Then sobering up enough to drive on the otherside. It beat doing the Calais-Rally.