Best way to get to Blandford?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bibo_boy, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Tried a search but can't find any info....?

    I'm on a Course for a couple of weeks soon and at the moment I'm driving in a civi car. But Im think that at the end im gonna be ragged so driving home may be a challenge?

    Is the any good rail links from London? I guess air travel is out!!!!

  2. DT11 8RH - plug into RAC Route Planner or SATNAV
  3. How old are you ? FFS
  4. Why? Wanna ask me out on a date?

    Never been there before and wondered if there was a Blandford railway station, that's it......
  5. Go to this little known site

    Type in Blandford Camp and you get:

    Click on the first suggestion and you get:

    Then click on the bit that says "Click here for directions to Blandford Camp. You get to this.

    Then on Appropriate Day (being the one you are required to be in Blanfdord) get in car start engine and follow directions. Complete Cpls course whilst not forgetting to sign out some initiative from the QM.
    Return initiative on last day, follow directions in REVERSE ORDER home.

    Hope this helps :thumright:
  6. Done all that thanks :thumright:

    Even searched National Rail and South West Trains for details....

    All I wanted to know was does anyone know if Blandford has a train station?
  7. Second thoughts...

    Forget it.
  8. You'd get lost on the way.
  9. Check your PMs
  10. Cheers chaps.....

  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Dont try to drive home after the Ex phase I tried that in about 96, fell asleep at the wheel and nearly killed myself. I think bus,taxi bum a lift to Salisbury or Poole and then the train is your other option.

    Part of the reason why people will be glad when the scool eventually moves to St. Athans.
  12. Anyone have an idea how long it would take to travel from Blandford to Southampton airport by any chance?
  13. about 9 hours if you walk there.