Best way to get from the UK to Dresden/Löbau(Sachs)?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by black fox, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. I'm leaving for Germany on the 31st and i'm trying to find out the quickest/cheapest way to get there.

    I need to get from London to Löbau(Sachs) but any help getting to Dresden would be fine. I looked at flights and was struggling to find a cheap option to get over there, the lowest I could see was for €155 but that had a 10 hour connection time. Does anyone know of any cheap flights with a short connection time? Or failing that would it be expensive to get over there by train/coach?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Avro_Lancaster_B_I_PA474.jpg
    One of these was quite quick in 1945
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  3. My grandad managed a few return flights for free.

    Boom tish, etc.....
  4. I would ask my grandad but he was only a mechanic so I doubt he would be much help getting me over there.
  5. Try Skyscanner to find out who flies into Dresden, then book on the website. Eurostar to Brussels then Thalys from there.
  6. Ryanair ?
  7. Plenty of flights to Berlin , then get the train . On the train , try not to look furtive , or you will be asked for your papers , and they might not pass close scrutiny . If you have to kill time waiting for the train , your best bet is a cinema . Don't hide in the ruins , as they'll think you are a looter and some jugend or hausfrau is bound to report you .