Best way to get from the UK to Dresden/Löbau(Sachs)?

I'm leaving for Germany on the 31st and i'm trying to find out the quickest/cheapest way to get there.

I need to get from London to Löbau(Sachs) but any help getting to Dresden would be fine. I looked at flights and was struggling to find a cheap option to get over there, the lowest I could see was for €155 but that had a 10 hour connection time. Does anyone know of any cheap flights with a short connection time? Or failing that would it be expensive to get over there by train/coach?

Any help would be appreciated!
My grandad managed a few return flights for free.

Boom tish, etc.....
Plenty of flights to Berlin , then get the train . On the train , try not to look furtive , or you will be asked for your papers , and they might not pass close scrutiny . If you have to kill time waiting for the train , your best bet is a cinema . Don't hide in the ruins , as they'll think you are a looter and some jugend or hausfrau is bound to report you .

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