Best way to cook Bratwurst ?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Killaloe, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. I was never lucky enough to be posted to Germany, only did the odd exercise. I remember enjoying Bratwurst but that was 15yrs ago & I was blind drunk. I got some today from LIDL. Is is best to Grill, them or fry them. If frying them should I use oil and are they best done in a frying pan or a cast iron skillet type thingy I have from IKEA that puts lovely black lines on the food. Many thanks indeed.
  2. PM YesItsMe and you will get the Monty on this.
  3. Standby...
  4. BBQ is the weapon of choice, but failing that, the George Foreman is how I cook mine.

    Taste mungeous.
  5. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    oh well i'm a bit familiar with german food :lol:

    ok first of all the bratwürstchen from lidl aren't really good i'm afraid :oops:

    next time try to get them somewhere like here ;)

    usually a bratwurst should be grilled ... you can fry them in a pan too but you will get the best taste using a grill
    use charcoal and pour just a very little of beer over them short before they're done
    you will love them this way i'm sure :)

    enjoy preparing and enjoy your meal :D

    btw - they taste best with some currysauce ;)
  6. Selling any YIM? :wink:
  7. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    i could start the next charity thread if anyone's interested in :lol:
  8. The best way to enjoy them is to open the tin/pack and flush them straight down the toilet, effectively cutting out the middle man. Bloody horrible things.
  9. What a fantastic link, I am a bus ride away form the shop...
  10. Hell Yimster,

    That picture of the German sausage reminds me of the time 'Ole Pow' gave me some sage advice about a woman I was about to get involved with 30 year ago.

    " Now you watch your work here, because she has got a tusch like a horse's collar - you mind to keep a five bar gate on your back otherwise you will fall straight in and I'm not coming round to pull you out "
  11. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    you should thank joseywales for it ... i got the link from him ;)

    hope you enjoy it - they got the right and decent stuff :)
  12. Thanks Josey, I can see myself being an all to regular visitor!
  13. The clue is in the name - BRATwurst - from BRATEN, to grill.

    Bockwurst are usually boiled, although I'm not sure that there is such a German word as BOCKEN. :)
  14. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    obviously you managed not to fall in ... otherwise you wouldn't be here now :lol:
  15. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    there is an old geman saying 'Über Geschmack kann man nicht streiten'

    or as the french say 'Chacun à son goût'

    and to make it easier for you 'There is no accounting for taste' in english :)