Best way to clean medals?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Plant-Pilot, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Just dug mine out of the draw and they need a good clean, in fact my GSM is looking positivly tarnished.

    Anyone got any good tips for getting them back to parade condition?
  2. I just used some metal (silver) polish, it did the trick. Getting into the name and number stamp around the edge was a bit of a pain though.
  3. Liquid "Silver Dip" - drop it in, take out and wipe. Dramatic results.
  4. I cannot believe there is such a thing as a soldier who doesn't know how to polish something.
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  5. What, ribbons and all? (Liquid "Silver Dip" - drop it in)
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  7. If your medals are mounted, I find the easiest method is to cut pieces of card to fit behind the Clasp, and a piece to fit tightly behind the medal (to protect the ribbon). I then use Silvo (Duraglit for Silver) to remove the majority of the tarnish. If there is still tarnishing around the inscriptions or the circle of dots round the edge of the face of the medal, then use a very soft toothbrush to remove it. I then use a yellow duster to remove the majority of the remains of the Silvo, and then finish off with a small ball of cotton wool. Do the same with the clasp if your medal has one

    If anyone has a better method, I'm willing to learn.

    Hope this helps
  8. Well I can clean them, and up until now a good rub with a soft cloth was ample. You may think you know the best method, and if you do that's fine.

    This time they are in need of a little more work and I for one know that there are people out there with all sorts of methods. Some good, some better, but why not share them and see which is the simplest/most effective.
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  9. metal polish. either duraglit, brasso, silvo, autosol whatever. rub medals with it then get a clean cloth and rub them again.

    masking tape prevents polish from getting on the ribbon.
  10. Found a small slip from the Medal Office with my Telic gong that warns against using Brasso or any abrasive polish - no alternate suggestion though

    Would this be because the Telic gongs are pressed cardboard with a thin tin casing ??
  11. I have noticed a reduction in the quality of recent medals. The QGJ medal to cite as an example looks rather cheap and nasty next to the CSM
  12. This is not mine -- it came from a previous thread -- but apparently a pencil eraser does the trick. Try it.
  13. Give them a rub with a rubber, the eraser for pencils from the banner catalogue. A tailor gave me that top-tip and it's all I've used for the last 5 years. No chance of getting ammonia-based cleaners anywhere near your ribbons either!

    Blue skies, Plant-pilot.
  14. I knew you'd be at the forefront of metal cleaning technology Maj B. but I thought you'd be more interested in parkerizing everything?

    Blue Skies indeed :)
  15. i use silver dip on a cotton bud. Works a treat and doesnt get any on the ribbons. One thing to note, if you have a Queens Golden Jubilee medal, dont get any form of polish on it. The medal is covered in a couple of microns of gold, which will disolve very quickly if you clean it with brasso etc. It shouldnt need cleaning, just like any other gold plated metal.