Best way to build up to 1.5 Km BFT time

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by semper, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys

    Some advice please I wish to build up a good fitness level and also try CFT training 8 miles in 2 hours carrying 55lbs which I believe is the minimum standard for entry into the Army.

    I am 5'8'' and 13st 8lbs so looking at some idea of a time scale I should expect to do to achieve the result I want and maintain it, without knackering my body and knees along with the best nutrition to gain optimum result, in the shortest time and ideal weight I should be having.

    I realised how unfit I was l2 weeks ago, when I went up the mountains round Llanberis with some mates and did about 14 miles up and down the hills with some rock scrambling, it took me 7 hours to complete it with short breaks.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  2. My bold - Eh?

    If this isn't a wah i have some training programs which may be helpful for you. PM me if you want to look at them, they're word docs
  3. Fighting Fit program

    Here's a link to the fighting fit program i have. I' ve psoted it here so i don't have to send multiple PMs out.

    I didn't write this program, i was given it by a friend who is a PTI. So i take no responsability for it. And i'm not a PTI or any other form of physical training expert so can't give any tips.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Isn't the BFT 2.4 km (aka 1.5 miles)?

  5. your link does not work. it just opens a blank word doc. :(
  6. Why have you titled the thread BFT fitness, which is 2.4 km not 1.5, and then ask about the CFT?

    The standards you have quoted are not entry requirements but the level you need to reach by the end of basic training. If you can run 2.4km in under 10:30 then the PTI's will do the rest.
  7. Taking it that this enthusiastic young man has just got all the various standards mixed up (and Lord knows that would be easy enough!) might I suggest that this link to Welbeck College will give a straightforward guide to what is required to get in? Clearly higher standards are required after that but he can look through the site for that later.

    Link to Entry Standards Clicky
  8. Even after your edit (unless phase 1 has changed), its still wrong.

    Phase 1 recruits do 6 miles in 90 mins to pass out.
  9. Ok Thanks for that, I stand corrected.
  10. When I done my phase 1a with the TA I done the 8 miles carrying 55lbs. In 2 hours 4 minutes. It was probably one the hardest things i've done mainly because upto then I done no previous fitness, certantly one my biggest mistakes. Since then I do the 1.5 run at least twice a week and a CFT once a week (which normally involves wearing my webbing, helmet attached and NI patrol pack) I have seen a huge progress in my individual fitness.

    I need to start hiting the road a bit more though because i've got a tour to iraq next year hopefully with 1 royal ang.

    I would say to anyone wishing to improve on personal fitness to seek medical advice first before starting any programme, maybe even a PTI from your unit he will then be able to assist you further.

    Don't try and do too much at once either, this is where you'll probably end up with an injury it happened to a friend of mine. Fitness comes in time.

    You might as well find this link helpful;

    I hope this has been of some help to you,
  11. to my calculations: to do 6 miles in 90 minutes one would have to move at 1.7m/second...
    its the same for TA but one has to go for 2 hours over 8 miles... how come TA is tougher? or is the terrain different?
  12. Your doing more or less a 15 min mile doesnt matter if your doing a 4, 6 or 8 mile CFT, its all at the same speed/pace.
  13. Because for the large part the TA aren't a bunch on whiny kids who have just left school that think stupid user names make them hard as nails.
  14. Not another topic on the BFT. Take a look in the Health and Fitness forum. Oh, you already have. Then scroll down the page a bit you lazy boy. Advice: You shouldn't need to build up to a distance that is no more than a long walk to the shops for your fizzy pop and sweeties.
  15. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm lot of Wahs and no not Working at Height Regs.

    Don't we still have people who sit in Careers Offices (AFCO or whatever they are now) who can advise the current standard. I used to take 'kids' on build up trg and was constantly surprised how many could not meet the then 'Para entry Std' of 1030 for 2.4Km run but were already planning their assault on PyF for Selection!

    My last encounter with TA was they had a different CFT requirement dependent on role -as do Reg units?

    Maybe Semper should come in from the Death Star or Death Valley or wherever and do some research then confirm, not fire and forget?

    Personal Opinion-And it si a long time since I wore crossed swords- Maintain the 'Walking and Scrambling' firstly you seem to enjoy it, secodnly it wil condition your body to the constraints of moving with weight HOWEVER-get as light as you can, good admin and controlled expposure will let you train more effectively and reduce the risk of injuring yourself.

    Aerobic fitness can be developed easily, whilst there are many international standard athletes in the Army not every lad or lass that walks into camp on day one will be at LONDON2012

    Be sensible , train wisely and don't fall into the hype of you have to run eveywhere with 100lbs bergan -you may well have to do so at some stage in your life but you will probably find then, that not all motivation tools are as effective as crack and thumps!